10 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Study In Australia?

Are you planning to study abroad but can’t decide which country is the best? Well, which country you choose to study can depend on several factors like whether you have any relatives there or not, have you visited the country before etc. but those we cannot help you with. Those vary from person to person. But here’s a few reasons why you should choose to study in Australia, all other factors considered. (And no, it’s not just the chance to see kangaroos up close.

The beauty of the place

Yes, it’s the kangaroos. Australia also has the Giant Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, Kakadu National Park, Rottnest Island…the list is quite long, and has everything from rainforests to deserts. Natural attractions along with modern architecture makes this country simply beautiful to stay in. Who knows, you might also get a chance to see a koala or two.

The endless things to do

Most universities make sure their students get an adequate number of holidays. So, when not studying, what would you do with all the free time? There are beaches, bars, restaurants and shopping malls. Too normal for you? Australia also offers opportunities to go for open-air movies, kayaking, hot air ballooning, touring on bikes and so much more. The endless list of things to do and places to visit will definitely make your period of study memorable.

The ease of communication

A big factor to consider when choosing the country you want to study in, is whether you would be able to learn the language of that place. (Not all of us are multi-linguists!) The primary language used in Australia is English. While it can be a bit difficult to get used to the unique accent and vocabulary that the Australians have, if you understand and speak English, you are half-way there already. After a year or two of study, you will have mastered the language and would have become familiar with various other accents and slangs as well. Always a great skill to have, isn’t it?

The cost of education

Cost is another huge factor we consider. Of course, there are some exceptions in each country, but if taken as an average, the cost of studying in Australia is much lower than that in UK and USA, when the various scholarships, part-time job opportunities and other factors are also considered. The standard of living you get for the money you spend, is very good indeed.

The opportunities to work part-time

Australia allows foreign students to work part-time and this not only helps you cover some of your tuition fees or the cost of your night-outs (whichever you prefer!), you can also use this opportunity to gain work experience. So, it’s basically a chance to add to your resume while studying. Although, do make sure to find out whether your university has any restrictions or requirements in advance.

The accessibility to student visas

Just thinking about the long processes involved in getting a student visa can put you off from studying abroad. Well, the good news is, it is relatively easy to get a student visa if you want to study in Australia. Obviously, there are still many requirements and documents, but the whole process is more streamlined and uncomplicated as compared to that of some of the other foreign countries.

The better chances of getting a job

Most of the courses given by the institutions in Australia are well-regarded and recognized all around the world. If you do decide to remain in Australia, there are opportunities to get a work visa post your graduation too, for a certain period of time.   If not, your Australian degree will still help you gain a great job due to how highly reputed the Australian education system is. What more do you need?

The strong research opportunities

Along with having a reputed education system, Australia has well-trained and exceptionally educated professors. If you are interested in research and have the scores and ideas to back you up, you will find Australia a great place to study in. There have been nearly 16 Nobel prize winners from this country, indicating how much they value research.

The cultural diversity

You get to study with students from all parts of the world in Australia. This means the chance to sample food from different cuisines, learn new languages.. and of course, you won’t feel lonely or foreign. You are going to be part of a one big multi-cultural family.

The quality of education provided

Why should you choose to study in Australia? Because you will receive a world-class education.  You will have a curriculum that has been selected to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you will require. That’s the most important factor at the end of the day, right?

There are so many other factors too, why you should choose Australia as the destination to pursue your education. Australia has a wonderful climate and the infrastructure and technology that is available ensuring your comfort and safety. It also has a wide range of scholarships being provided by the universities, a huge number of courses to choose from…Go on, choose Australia to study in. No worries, mate.