7 tips to stay safe while studying abroad


Now a days the number of students moving abroad from india is gradually increasing.
as the number of student moving out is increasing , the safety of students is also became
a important factor.so how should students take care of their own,what should they do before moving to the planned country or after moving there.so, here are the seven tips for the students going for there studies

1.Selecting Destination And Research:
So the first important thing is to choose a perfect destination for your studies based on
what is your career stream, like if you are going for a Masters or for MBA, you must check the track records of various universities, you can gather information from the students who have already been there.you should also focus on the weather conditions,as most of the time the students are not able to handle the drastic changes in the atmosphere. Here are 5 best destinations for Indians:
d.United States

2.Gain Knowledge About The Laws And Rules:
Many of the times it is seen that students are not aware about the laws and rules of
the region they are moving in. it can cause terrible things which can’t be even imagined, every country
has their own laws and rules, so while living there you must know about the laws and rules so that you should not commit any mistakes
Recently, an incident happened in South Korea in which an American student was imprisoned for stealing some papers from North Korean place and when he was released was just a body without brain as he was tortured on big scale as he had lost his sense
in many of countries there are strict rules against alcohol and drugs so you should know about in some of the countries even medicines containing drugs are termed illegal e.g. in japan some medicines containing ADHD are illegal.

3. Always Be Ready For The Emergencies:
After moving to the desired country you must think about the problems and emergencies which you think can occur , and you should prepare yourself to defend them.
you should always keep some extra money to yourself,you should make good contacts with the people around you,you should keep yourself away from any kind of violence, you must take care of your behaviour and lifestyle that you should not commit any mistakes which are not acceptable in the corresponding society always keep extra copies and also electronic copies of the documents which are important .

4. Take Care Of Your Health:
Never ignore even a small health problem or any simple illness after you have moved to the desired place. you must immediately take doctors to call for your problem, be free to talk to them.you must know the drug consumption rules of the country for medical purpose as some of the drugs are not allowed in some of the countries not even as a medicine.
you must keep knowledge of the kind of allergies if you are having any you should talk to doctor about before taking any remedies. For the same thing, you must know the basic of language. you must plan the supply of your medical and prescription for the time you are away from home because mail medications are not allowed in many of the countries .you must check for your health insurance as many of the insurance are not supposed to cover you outside of your country.

5. Take Care Of Your Things:
Be aware of pickpockets, take care that you are keeping your mobile phone ,wallets and other stuff.
Always keep your mobile phones with passwords and screenlocks.dont carry much money with you in your wallets even if
you are having keep them in parts like some in your bag some in wallet.
In countries with highly-restricted internet and a big scale of hacking, you should go for the
“throwaway” phone that you can erase when you return home. Using a virtual private network, or VPN service,
could also help while traveling abroad and connecting to the Internet from unknown networks.

6.Take Care Of Your Own:
many of the crimes happens such as pickpocketing and luggage robbing. Many of the times people keeps
their important documents such as passports and visas inside their bags and the bags gets stolen or they misplace
the bags.this things should not happen ,many times people fall victim to baggage theft and pick pocketing after
being distracted by someone.to avoid such things you must learn to the OODA skills i.e. observe, orient,decide & act.
this things teaches us to take immediate decisions and actions.
If you are travelling by road , never travel in the night time, avoid going to places not having lights
take care of your beloved ones, keep record of their activities if they are out of your sight.

7. Avoid attending Civil and Political Unrests:
Stop going for mass gatherings and mass demonstrations . While observing a protest may provide
an interesting cultural lesson on local civics, a protest could turn violent at any moment and police could take any
action at that time. In many of the cases,pickpockets may take the advantage of the rush.
their are many programmes available who provides you the live alerts about what is happening around you
and what should you do, so keep yourself updated with the notifications from such authorities.take information through
media and news.if the things get criticalthen its better to leave the country.If you have taken the trip insurance then
it will be more easy to leave the country.

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