Admission Process of California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

There are many students in the world who wish to study in the reputed institute like California Institute of Technology. But it’s not too difficult if you are determined to get admission in this institute. You just need to follow some steps. We are going to give you all the details about Admission Process of Caltech.

Admission Process of Caltech

There is no secret that if you wish to take admission in Caltech that is California Institute of Technology, it is said that admission process of Caltech purely selective. It is roughly estimated that the institute welcome not more than 250 new freshmen as well as 15 maximum transfer students to its campus in each fall. The total numbers of students normally come from all across the United States of America and also other parts of the world bringing them with diverse experiences, perspectives as well as passions. If you are hoping to get the detail admission process of Caltech then you can visit the university website.

Among 100 students applying for admission in Caltech, only 11 get admission.

Admission Process of Caltech

To get admission in Caltech, the average GPA should be 4.23. That means you should always be at the top in your school education. If your score throughout your education is less that 4.23 GPA, then you need to score too good in SAT and ACT.

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SAT and ACT requirement

Your average SAT score should be more than 1560 out of 1600 to get admission in Caltech.

Here’s the breakdown of new SAT scores by section:

Section Average       25th Percentile         75th Percentile
Math 790           780            800
Reading 39            38             40
Writing 38             37             40
Composite 1560            1520            1600

Like a very good score in SAT, Caltech do not require too good score for ACT. But if you score too bad, then it is for sure that your application will be sent to trash.

You can Apply as First-Year Applicant

The university generally asks you to share the typical Caltech student’s with the unbridled sense of learning curiosity as well as outstanding aptitude, and a deep interest in science, engineering or technology. The detail of admission process of California University can be downloaded from the university website throughout the year. Though the process is almost same for each and every students, but some restrictions are there, say if you are not already completed your high-school diploma, for instance, students in high school or college with dual enrollment programs, or if you have not already enrolled in any college courses then for the purpose of credit after completing the graduation from high school, you will be counted as first-year applicant.

Your Academic Preparation Lists

Here we have given some sections or the list that you will be needing both as academically as well as the terms of forms and for information in the time you like to apply for California university application process.

  • If you have done four years of mathematics course combining calculus
  • If you have done one year of physics
  • If you have done one year of chemistry
  • If you have done three years of English, though four years completion is recommended
  • If you have done one year of United States of America history or government, only it is waived for the purpose of international students.

Caltech Admission procedure is completely fair and clear to domestic and international students. You can log in to the university site for more detail for the course and its tenure.

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