Admission Process of Harvard University Cambridge Massachusetts

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It offers numerous courses to choose from. Students can opt their majors from a big list of options. But getting into Harvard is a very difficult thing as they only take a cream of the students. The way they shortlist their students is through the Admission Process of Harvard University. It is quite a long and extensive process.

Eligibility criteria for Harvard students

The Harvard Admission Eligibility Criteria extensive. If you are applying for a graduation course, then you need to have an impeccable educational track record. TOEFL or any of the similar exam scores matters a lot. If you are applying for a master’s course, then GMAT or GRE scores are mandatory. They also give attention to your extra-curricular activities and the other leadership qualities. The cut-offs very high, and only the students with high merit standards can get through the Harvard university. You need to have a 10+2 certified result from a good institution for a graduation degree. In the case of post-graduation degrees, 10+2 and a graduation degree from an affiliated university is compulsory.

Admission Process of Harvard University:

The Admission Process of Harvard University is very well listed on their website. There are certain steps that need to be followed for Admission Process of Harvard University.

  1. You need to fill in the application form that is present on the website.
  2. You need to attach the required documents along with the form during submission. The main documents are your SAT or ACT scores. You need to scan and attach the hard copy of the results.
  3. You need to attach two SAT subject tests that include the scores
  4. Your school reports have to be attached during the Harvard Universities Admission Procedure.
  5. The transcripts of your secondary school are of utmost importance. Your midyear school or class 10 certificates and results need to be scanned and attached as well.
  6. You need to get written evaluations from 2 teachers, preferably from your secondary school.

Two different admission formats

Admission Process of Harvard University can be done in 2 different ways. Either through the Common application or through the Universal College Application. There is no difference in treatment for the students; you can apply through either of the ways. You need to meet the deadline in order to be sure your application is accepted and fully considered. If you are opting to do the Harvard Admission Process through the Common application process, then you can submit you’re supporting to the respective college. Unless all the documents are submitted your application will not be accepted by the Harvard Admission office. Through the universal college application, you need to submit the form and the document altogether.

There are various scrutinies for Admission Process of Harvard University. Getting admitted into Harvard University is a prestigious thing. If any mistake is made in the application process, your form will be directly rejected. So it is mandatory to follow all the instructions properly and not make any mistakes.