Admission Process of Stanford University | How to Apply for Admission

Admission Process of Stanford University | Application Procedure

Studying abroad opens up the doors of better opportunities for the Indian students. A foreign university degree adds more weightage to a student’s work profile. Many Indian students look for the opportunity to study abroad right after school. TheStudents studying in foreign colleges get more exposure, high pay, better lifestyle than the students studying in India. But all these things do not come handy. One has to go through a whole long process to achieve all these things. It all starts with taking admission to the top ranking university in abroad. Stanford University is amongst those top ranking universities. You can find all the required information regarding the admission process of Stanford University in this article.

Admission Process of Stanford University:

The Admission process of Stanford University is not as difficult as it is stated. But one needs to be an extra ordinary student to get into this university. They should not only scoring good marks but also will have to be highly impressive in extra-curricular activities. All applicants applying for graduation degree must have given the SAT (critical reading, mathematics and writing) or ACT Plus Writing before applying to the university. They need to score well in the examinations.

About Stanford University:

The SAT is refined and governed by the US-based “College Entrance Examination Board”. Implying that the College Board prepares the questions, carries the test, and sends each examinee the score report.In India, SAT is conducted at the following cities: Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Pune , Cochin, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mussoorie, New Delhi, and Calcutta. SAT is held 6 to 7 times a year. The SAT score is valid upto 5 years.

Submitting the Application:

The application process is same for all the applicants regardless of country of residence. Review and follow the Freshman Application Instructions or Transfer Application Instructions given on the official site of the Stanford University.

Or you can follow these easy procedure for applying in Stanford University:

  • Open org, create an applicant account and add Stanford University to your “My Colleges” list.
  • COMPLETEthe Common Application and the Stanford Questions; assign and invite your recommenders before submitting your application.
  • QUERY your counsellor and teachers to submit all of their documents online whenever possible.
  • USEthe Freshman Mailing Labels for mailed documents.
  • WRITEyour Common Application ID number on the first page of mailed documents.
  • USEyour official name on all testing and application documents.
  • informing the university if you used a different first name, last name or email address on testing documents.
  • to your email address book or safe senders list.
  • DOUBLE-CHECK your email address. All Stanford University correspondence is sent to the email address entered in the Common Application. Make sure your email address is valid. Email corrections to
  • DO NOT mail, email or fax additional materials such as research papers, newspaper articles, publications and writing samples. They will not be processed.
  • VISITInternational Applicants for additional information (if applicable).
  • SUBMITyour application before deadlines for avoiding any  technical difficulties.
  • SAVEa PDF copy of your application to your computer on the “Preview and Submission” page.
  • CONFIRM in the “My Colleges” tab that you have correctly submitted your Common Application.

Checking Your Application Status:

  • CHECK your application status regularly once you have received an email from the university confirming receipt of your Common Application. It will take upto three weeks from the date of submission deadline to get back this email.

The essential components required for the submission of application form of Stanford University are:

  • First-Year Common Application
  • non-refundable application fee orfee waiver request
    (counsellor verification required)
  • Testing (SAT or ACT Plus Writing) sent from the College Board or ACT.The ACT Plus Writing or the SAT (Critical Reading, Math and Writing) is required. Official scores from alldates for the examinations shall be sent to Stanford straight from the ACT or the College Board (the reporting agency for the SAT) or applicant can go for both if taken ACT and the SAT.Applicants should self-report their highest scores to date on the Common Application during the official test scores were processed and sent to the Stanford.
  • Official School Report including Counsellor Recommendation. Official documents which notes your grades, marks, or any predictions are required and must be sent straight from the school as a part of the application. It is no need to have your marks converted into an American GPA.
  • Official Transcript(s).Fluency in English is a vital for students looking for undergraduate admission at Stanford. However, if you are attending a school where first language for instruction is no English, you will not be at a disadvantage. Original transcripts official copies and evaluations by the teacher is required. These must also be translated into English and also attach copies of the translated documents along with your application.
  • Two Teachers’ Evaluations.You have to be the person about which a teacher in your school will write glowingly about, and the kind of person who knows a teacher so well that they will support your application in a supportive way. Someone whom a teacher will call “amongst the best students I’ve seen during my tenure”, and you also have to be the one who can possess superb personal characteristics to add diversity and strength to an incoming class of any university that you attend.
  • Midyear Report

Financial Aid

Regardless of citizenship, in the context and country where they attend high school applicants are reviewed. In addition, regardless of citizenship Stanford is committed to meet demonstrate financial needs of  all the admitted students who have requested financial aid during the application process. The request for financial aids will be a factor in our admission evaluation. International citizens are limited for the financial aid resources by the university. If you apply for the financial aid then your chances may be even lower to get the admission.