Advantages of Studying at the Small Universities in UK

Advantages of Studying at the Small Universities in UK

A new type of university experience which supports small universities and campus is becoming extremely popular in UK and surprisingly has a huge number of students applying to the same. Such universities are located far away from the main cities and offer a wider and better lifestyle to the students while offering equally good educational facilities. Here we are going to discuss Advantages of Studying at the Small Universities in UK.

If you are planning to study abroad in UK and are wondering whether you should or should not opt for the small universities, here are some advantages of studying in such universities in UK which will instantly make you opt for them.

Serenity of Seaside Towns – UK is a beautiful country with serene seaside towns. Most of the small universities are located in such towns which are away from the hustle and bustle of the main cities allowing students to enjoy peace of mind and unwind after a hard day’s work. It also helps them cope up with the stressful courses and keeps their minds relaxed. Moreover, the healthy student nightlife which comprises mostly of pop music and karaoke bars keep you safe from any kind of crimes which are common in the big cities of UK.

Students feel connected to one another – As the strength of small universities is also small, students can connect with one another easily and help each other personally. This creates strong bonds between students which stay with them forever. In the larger universities, due to the enormous number of students enrolled in it, most students feel that they are ‘lost in a crowd’ and are unable to connect with peers easily.

Interactive and educational experience – The classes in larger universities have as many as 15 to 20 students in a single class making the interaction between teacher and student quite poor. Also, the students are unable to get the kind of educational experience they are aiming to achieve as the teacher has to divide his attention amongst several students. In a small university the teacher-student ratio is as low as 5 students in a class thereby allowing the students to interact with the teacher more often and that too freely while encouraging a highly educational experience for each of them.

A large variety of courses offered – Smaller universities offer a large variety of courses in order to attract more and more students to their university. This allows you as a student to interact and meet other students who are studying a different course or pursuing a different degree altogether and are able to educate you about unique skills sets they know about. This accounts for a varied university experience which is not easy to achieve in larger universities as most students are too busy in their own lives and get no time to interact with peers.

Supports the local economy – By studying in a small university located in a small town you are not only earning a valuable degree but also doing good for the town itself. Such towns are not very rich and statistics reveal that university campuses bring in thousands of pounds into the local economy thereby strengthening it and give local people a means to survive.