All That You Need to Know About Craiglockhart City, Scotland

Cosmopolitan, vibrant and consistently voted as top ranked and best city in the world, Craiglockhart is the best destination to experience both student life and the rich culture of Scotland. The city is big enough to comprise everything that you need, yet small to offer you the feeling like you are home. No matter from where you belong, the city of Craiglockhart is ready to welcome you as a tourist and as a student too.

Know more about the City Craiglockhart, Scotland:

Sporting facilities and education, Craiglockhart always top the list as it comprises some of the world’s finest tennis facilities and leisure center at the Happy Valley. The pond beside the Happy Valley is the destination to enjoy boating, curling and skating. The city is also the home to Boroughmuir Rugby club located at Meggetland. The city also comprises the two major campuses of Napier University and there are also other great walks, from Craiglockhart Dell to climbing the 2 hills and the Union Canal.


The city has the largest Craiglockhart Hydropathic which is now converted into Napier University campus. It is the largest historic building built in the year 1880 to act as military hospital to treat the victims of World War First.

Accommodation and Housing

Craiglockhart has lots of comfortable and safe housing and accommodation options for students studying at the Napier campuses in Craiglockhart. There are many to think about and it is crucial for students to plan ahead. The first year students can prefer living at on-campus residences which they need to book at the time of enrollment at the campuses of Craiglockhart. Staying at the on-campus residences is the great experience for the students as it allows them to meet fellow students from across the world that enhances their learning experience at Craiglockhart. Students are likely to spend around 90 pound per week for accommodation and housing at the campus residences.

There are also private accommodation and housing facilities available outside the campuses where students can prefer staying during their academic years. The cost of living outside the campus may range from 700 pounds to 850 pounds per month depending upon the facilities and amenities included in the facilities.

Food and Grocery Shopping

The one thing that most of the students miss is proper meal. About 46% of fresher usually miss their mum’s cooking during their academic years. But, you must not feel away from home when you are at Craiglockhart. The city has many retail joints and shopping centers from where students can prefer purchasing their weekly groceries and food stuffs. The campuses also have its own food joints from where students can purchase their meals daily, however they can be more expensive than cooking at your facility. So, students must prefer to buy their weekly groceries and food stuffs from the local retailers located close to the campuses.

Students can also order online to get the weekly grocery delivered at their doorstep. The cost of grocery and food shopping vary depending on where you buy it.


There is no dearth of entrainment in Craiglockhart. The city is dotted with many entrainment centers that will keep students amused and entertain them throughout their academic years in Craiglockhart. The city has modern leisure center which is the hub for several activities that also offer you with different entertaining facilities to enjoy active lifestyle. The city is also the home to popular rugby club where you can visit to catch some of the best matches for entertainment.

The city also has plenty of options for socializing with your fellow students. The Happy Valley is located close to the campuses of Napier University which comprises some of the best entertainment hubs in the city. It is the favorite place for students to visit and socialize. There cinemas where you can enjoy your favorite movies and entertainment centers to catch some live performance and music. Meggetland Playing Field is another destination for entertainment where different events and sports are hosted regularly round the year.

Travel and Transportation

The campuses at Craiglockhart are well served by all public transportation to and from the center of the city. Besides, the city has dedicated cycling pathways in the area along with sufficient bike storage facilities on site. Student with RIDACARD can access to all public transportations for free throughout their academic years in Craiglockhart.

However, the city of Craiglockhart has best connectivity to all nearby locations through buses, trains and tram services. Slateford Station is located close to the campus of Craiglockhart from where students can get regular trains to all major destinations in Scotland. The city also has expanding network of cycling paths and secured bike storage. Private taxi services are also available that students can use to travel across the city. Tram services are restricted within the periphery of the city which is suitable for accessing short distances within the city.

Cost of Living

While planning your budget you must consider the cost of travel and domestic bills. It is estimated that the cost of living in Craiglockhart would range from 7500 pounds to 14500 pounds per year for undergraduate and postgraduate students respectively. The total cost of living in Craiglockhart depends greatly on the lifestyle and the accommodation facility, whether the student choose to live in self-catered or catered halls of residences or in flat or apartments. Remember, the cost of living doesn’t include the tuition fees. But, you must consider all other expenses while deciding the budget for your cost of living in Craiglockhart.

Job Opportunities

The city of Craiglockhart comprises of two major campuses of Napier University, of which the Business Management campus is located in Craiglockhart. So, students graduating from the campuses of Craiglockhart are likely to get posted at the top management and hospitality industry across the world. The students are also allowed to work as part timer during their semester that help them to gain post graduate experience and skills and this also enhances their employability after completing their graduation from the campuses at Craiglockhart.

The campuses at Craiglockhart also host campus placement camps at the end of the semester that enables the students to secure the best job opportunities that attract their interest.

Part Time Work

Being the student-centric city, Craiglockhart offers multiple of opportunities for part time work during the term time for students. The campuses also have career services for students that enable the students to access the services 24/7 to search the suitable part time work in Craiglockhart. Students studying in Craiglockhart campuses on student visa are allowed to work as part timer during their academic years for a stipulated hour in a week. With part time work they can earn to support their lifestyle in Craiglockhart, while earning some experience to enhance their employability after graduation.


The favorite time pass activity for students in Craiglockhart is visiting the modern leisure center at Craiglockhart which is the hub for sport activities and other recreational activities. The center spreads across three buildings and has a outdoor court that are hired for summer events. The leisure center comprises of a spacious gym with over 70 pieces of kit, studios and multipurpose sports hall. It also has Tennis court that offers some great tennis facilities within outdoor and indoor courts.

It also has cycling studio and café where students can relax and unwind after hectic day at the gym and workouts. The city also has the biggest Holiday Club where lots of recreational activities can be enjoyed. The Leisure Center also offers coaching and courses on different sports. So, students can participate in such coaching to hone their skills in their favorite sports.

Indian Communities

Indian students studying at the campuses of Craiglockhart would never find themselves away from their home country as the city has the largest Indian Expat Community in and around Craiglockhart. The Indian communities in Craiglockhart celebrate all the Indian festivals with full enthusiasm and passion and it is the place where Indian students can meet new friends and contact new Indians studying and staying in Craiglockhart.

To meet the Indians and become the part of Indian communities in Craiglockhart, Indian students are required to approach the InterNations which is the place for Indian in Craiglockhart. There are many Indian that reside in Edinburgh and Craiglockhart and they form a Indian community to support and help the Indians studying and staying in and around Craiglockhart.


To enjoy the nightlife and live music in the town of Craiglockhart, students can head towards the world class pubs and clubs and bars located close to Happy Valley. The city has many pubs and bars that serve a variety of drinks, beers and mouthwatering cuisines from across the world. The Blue Goose, The Kilted Pig, Hunter Tryst, The Waiting Room, The Spylaw Tavern, The Horseshoe Inn, The Merlin and Village Inn are some of the popular pubs and bars located in and around Craiglockhart. These were some of the place where you will be served with many different drinks and cuisines to make your day memorable at Craiglockhart.