What is the application fee to study in Australia?

What is the application fee to Study in Australia?

We have discussed how much it will approximately cost you, to study in Australia, in a previous post. These are costs which you would have to pay, once you get into a college, and move to Australia for your studies. But before all this, comes the application process and the application fee, which is usually non-refundable. Let us look at what is the application fee for some prominent colleges in Australia and if there are any colleges where no application fee required.  Of course, for some universities, the application fee isn’t the same across all courses. So it’s always better to check at the university’s website for the application fee for the course you have chosen. Sometimes, this also varies with the rounds of admissions, with students having to pay higher application fees when applying just before the admission process closes.

Note: 1 Australian Dollar = 0.72 US Dollar

Universities with application fee requirement

Monash University – AU$100

Macquarie University – AU$75

University of Melbourne – AU$100

Australian Graduate School of Management – AU$125

University of Adelaide – AU$100

Deakin University – AU$55

James Cook University – AU$55

Australian National University – AU$150

University of Queensland – AU$100

Of course, these aren’t the only colleges with application fee requirements. Do check the website of the university you have chosen, to understand what the application fee is, and if gets waived under any circumstances. A few colleges charge the application fee only once, no matter how many courses you apply for, while others give a combined rate or discount when applying for multiple courses.


Universities with no application fee

University of South Australia

Charles Darwin University

Bond University

University of Notre Dame

University of Newcastle

Some colleges do not charge an application fee if you apply in person or through a representative. There might also be a difference in application fee, when done by post as compared to online applications. The application fee can be a decisive factor if you are trying to decide between two otherwise equal universities. Else, do check the actual tuition fees that the university is charging for the course you have selected. There are colleges that charge high application fees but low tuition fees. Therefore, before making a decision consider both the aspects together.