Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings 2015-16

Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings 2015-2016- While brainy students are attracted to career options in the fields of engineering, medicine and architecture, creative minds are drawn towards subjects of humanities and languages. Though not as competitive as the courses of engineering or medicine, good colleges for arts and humanities require high levels of creativity in their aspiring students.

Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings
Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings

The arts and humanities branch is usually considered below the science subjects. But this is an unfair judgment. The subjects of arts and humanities such as literature, philosophy, history etc hold the power to challenge dominant ideologies, principles and the status quo upon which societies are established. So if you are a humanities student, do not let the stereotypes pull you down. Remember that you have to be brave to be a student of arts and humanities!

Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings 2015-2016:

Having said the above, for you to realize your dream in the place which is right for you, here we provide you with a list of the top ranking world universities for arts and humanities 2015-16.

The following list is of the world university rankings by QS.

  1. University of Oxford, UK – Established nine centuries ago, the University has played a pioneer role in the development of the intellectual life of the English country. Oxford is known for its table turning debates in the fields of science, art and religion.
  2. Harvard University, USA – Harvard is one of the few universities that encourage students to lead investigations and researches via its generous financial aid programs. It offers an unparalleled student experience with its world class education.
  3. University of Cambridge, UK – Cambridge is a place of enlightenment and scholarship. Every day is a new experience of learning and innovation at Cambridge. Its reputation for academic excellence is known worldwide.
  4. University of California Berkeley (UCB), USA – A campus of extraordinary students, UCB is a world leading institute in academics. The university is a global center which encourages new challenges and out of box thinking.
  5. Stanford University, USA – One of the top universities in the States, Stanford is a highly prestigious institution to study in. With a collaborative approach, the University strives to qualify the students to tackle global challenges and influence the society with positivity and greatness. The academics and extra-curricular activities take students across the world, preparing them for leadership in a complex world.
  6. Yale University, USA – Continually expanding since its inception, Yale University encompasses a culture of global learning and socializing. It keeps its students connected to the surrounding neighbourhood, keeping them engaged with the many cultural, political and social parameters of the society.
  7. Princeton University, USA – Princeton plays a vital role in the transmission of knowledge and understanding in the field of education. With provision of resources and amenities, the students are encouraged to work outside the box, and attain distinct discoveries.
  8. Columbia University, USA – Columbia University is one of the most important research centers across the globe. It upholds a distinct learning environment for the students. The University takes full advantage of its location by linking its research and teaching to the vast resources of the metropolis.
  9. New York University (NYU), USA – It is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to be a part of NYU. It is one of the largest and fastest growing universities of the nation.
  10. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA – A leading university in academics and a platform for international mixing and learning.
Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings
Arts And Humanities World Universities Rankings

Although QS and Times Higher Education share most universities among the top 10, there is a slight difference of ranks. Times Higher Education includes Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Columbia from USA, and UCL (University College London) from UK, among the top 10 universities for arts and humanities for the year 2015-16.


  1. Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT), USA – A globally acclaimed university, MIT is one of the most renowned universities. To be a part of this university is a golden opportunity that one should not miss on.
  2. University of Columbia, USA – University of Columbia is one of the most eminent universities for research degrees in the world. Home to diversity in literally every possible aspect, the University is a place that nurtures one to become a global citizen.
  3. University College London (UCL), UK – A global leader in generating new knowledge, UCL prides in its world class quality and results of scholarship.