Australia needs new Strategies to Tap Indian Overseas Student Market

Here is some news from Melbourne!

As per the recent paper submitted by The Australia India Institute, Australia needs to identify the new strategies like collaboration projects in order to increase it’s current market share of 5 % in the Indian Market of Studying Abroad.

As per the policy paper on ‘engaging with India’s higher education sector: pathways to improve the market access’ ; ‘Australia urgently needs new strategies in order to increase its five-percent share it currently holds in the Indian market for international students by expanding areas of collaborations, developing a faculty teaching initiative programme on India in Australia and exploring opportunities of developing campuses in India.’

The recommendations can really help to improve the India-Australia relationship in terms of higher education. The paper had given seven important recommendations which will help Australia to tap the Indian Market more efficiently and effectively.

The Universities in Australia and the government of Australia need to develop the showcase projects of collaboration,  build a set of faculty champions across the India-Australia boundary, work on a faculty teaching initiative programme about India in Australia and it should propagate a philosophy of reciprocity and respect to underpin concrete initiatives, it said.

The paper also suggested sending delegations to India which will help to foster collaboration and to develop a new system of recognition of qualifications as done in the case of British Universities. It should also explore the opportunities to develop campuses in India.

The paper recommended Australia to act fast in these areas as if delayed any further, Australia might lose out to competitor countries such as the US and The UK. It was also suggested to start developing collaborations in the field of Arts and Social Sciences as so far the collaborations have been subjected to science, technology and engineering fields only.

There are a number of MoUs signed between various Australian Universities and Indian Universities/Colleges but they all lack in follow-up actions. This might be because of the under-developed relationships.

“Indian universities often hold Australia with suspicion, considering their motives to be purely economic,” it said adding, “it is important to highlight Australia’s interest in fostering a more robust set of relations within the university space, including research collaborations, sharing access to resources and working on global challenges.”

It was also suggested that the Australian Government should work hand in hand with Australia India Institute, Universities of Australia, and research-intensive Group of Eight (Go8).  They have to work together to develop a series of case studies about what worked in the case the recent successful experience of top universities like Monash, RMIT, Deakin, Sydney and University of Melbourne in different areas of work.

The paper also suggested to look for Five Indian Champions in Australia and vis-a-vis who can work alone as well as together to promote the idea of collaboration between Australian and Indian Universities.

So, the Indian students can expect some more good news to come from Melbourne once they start following the recommendations cited in the paper. The collaboration will help students to gain global exposure and experience the high-class teaching methodology and the infrastructure.

We really hope to see some good Australian colleges and universities to come to India and collaborate to benefit students!

Source: PTI