Australia visa process: When to collect your documents and visa?

By Meet University

Australia visa process for Australian student visas application either submitted by students or their agents are processed online now. This change was implemented in July 2016. Students can create an account called Immi Account. The account is very useful as students can track the status of their application with the help of a linked Transaction Reference Number (TRN). If the application is approved or the Australia visa process is granted then applicants will receive a visa number. Conditions associated with the visa would be detailed as well. However, if the application is not approved then students will be notified about the reasons and any review rights available.

Australia visa process is issued and recorded electronically. This means that visa records are stored in a central database that allows online checking by visa holders, registered Australian organizations, and airline staff. The visa is linked to your passport. As such, you should notify relevant authorities if you renew your passport after obtaining the visa. Failure to do so might result in unnecessary hassles and problems. Students can also print a copy of their visa grant notification letter for their reference. The letter contains important information associated with the student visa including the visa grant number (or TRN).

You should check the following information upon receiving your visa:

  • The validity dates: The dates allow you to make your first entry into Australia and you should plan to book your tickets accordingly. Make sure that the end date of your Australia visa process corresponds to the end date of your course. Your visa will allow you to make multiple entries during the validity period. The period of the visa generally allows students to stay in the country for some time (one to three months) after the conclusion of their courses.
  • Visa category: The student visa subclass is 500. Make sure that you have the right category.
  • Specific conditions: Student visa allows students to work in Australia. Students can only work full time during holidays and during terms, there is a limit to the number of working hours although students can’t begin work until their course has commenced. Work that is part of the course is not included in the word limit. Work limits do not apply to students who are completing a master’s or doctoral degree. Australia visa process also allows students to take their dependents to Australia. Dependents of students, enrolled in a master’s program or studying for a Ph.D. degree, don’t have any caps on their working hours, unlike the student.
Australia visa process
Australia visa process

Besides the specific conditions as stated above, there are certain obligations that all students should maintain. Failure to do so can negatively impact their ability to stay in Australia. Therefore, it’s important to take stock of these:

  • Students are required to pursue their study programs (course registered on CRICOS) and maintain satisfactory attendance. Furthermore, they are expected to finish their studies within the timeframe as outlined on their eCoE
  • Students are required to maintain their Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Maintain adequate schooling arrangements, if students have school-age dependents living in Australia
  • Students must advise their education provider about their home address within seven days of arriving in the country. If students change their address subsequently then they must communicate their new address to the education provider within seven days.
  • Students must also notify their Universities of any changes to their Australia visa process status (e.g. being granted permanent resident status).