Best UK Universities for Investment Banking to Study Abroad

Are you looking for career in Investment Banking and want to Study Abroad? If yes, then you must know about Best UK Universities for Investment Banking to Study Abroad. So, I am providing here list of Top Investment Banking Universities in UK. Let’s continue with the article to know more.

Investment banking is one of the most difficult jobs in the world of finance. It requires utmost sincerity and investment of long hours. But it pays off with a salary that amounts to 40,000 pounds on an average, with bonuses on top. It is this pay scale that attracts students to take up Investment Banking for a career. Finance and banking are popular subjects that have attained much importance since globalization. Many a good universities offer various courses in finance and banking. Some of the best universities for investment banking in the world are located in UK.

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UK Universities for Investment Banking
UK Universities for Investment Banking

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Best UK Universities for Investment Banking:

However it is not everyone’s cup of tea to follow a career in investment banking. Besides special training in education, it takes a lot of investment in terms of hard work and time on one’s part to be a successful investment banker. And it is for this reason that one needs to be selective about the college they choose for studying investment banking. Unless one attains proper grooming to become an investment banker, it is not very fruitful to pursue it as a career.

UK Universities for Investment Banking
UK Universities for Investment Banking

Given below is a list wherein we have brought together select universities that are the best to study investment banking in UK.

  1. The top spot goes to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It holds specialization in almost everything financial. The LSE Investment Society organizes over 50 events in a year and work with a wide range of corporate sponsors to help the members build their skills, preparing them for a career in investment banking.
  2. University College London (UCL) holds top ranks for various categories. Owing to its location at the heart of London, close to UK’s main financial hub, the university is ideal for prospective investment bankers.
  3. University of Cambridge is at the top in Complete University Guide for both math and economics. With over 2,500 members, the Cambridge University Finance and Investment Society is a platform of great opportunity for all those interested in investment banking. It provides a large range of workshops, networking sessions and recruitment events.
  4. The Oxford Careers Network, at the University of Oxford, allows students to interact with practicing analysts and associates. The strong academic prestige of the university is a major boost for prospective investment bankers.
  5. University of Warwick is known for its forte in math, economics and finance. The university offers high student satisfaction. Sponsors of Warwick Finance Societies, a group of seven sub-societies, include big names such as HSBC and Deutsche banks.
  6. When choosing an educational institute for investment banking, a solid academic choice is that of Durham University. The Durham University Finance Society is sponsored by several major banks such as Citi, Barclays and Morgan Stanley.
  7. The University of Manchester bags the credit for various Nobel Prize winning economists. The history of the university alone is good enough to attract students looking for career in investment banking.
  8. One of the largest institutions in UK, University of Nottingham offers innumerable opportunities to future investment bankers. The Nottingham Finance Society offers workshops and other events that help the students learn the trade.

While the above-listed universities are among the best in UK for investment banking, other universities that may also be considered include University of Bristol, University of Bath, Aston University etc.

UK Universities for Investment Banking
UK Universities for Investment Banking

Before you pack your bags and decide a destination, do consider the reputation of the chosen institute in its finance and banking stream, for one wrong move could actually make investment banking a wrong career choice. So, all prospective investment bankers, make sure you stay alert and aware right from the start.