Career in Armed Forces after Engineering

The Armed Forces in our nation has great use for good engineers who can help towards the development of the nation and also protect it from any kind of harm or discord. If you are an engineering student who is pursuing his B.E. or B. Tech degree and wish to join the Indian army, here are the details for the various Indian army jobs available for engineering students. You can have a proud Career in Armed Forces after Engineering!

The Indian army conducts several entrance exams for such students and hires them as per their qualifications and the armed forces requirements.

Types of Commission

It is essential to understand that there are 2 types of commissions for students who complete engineering and join the armed forces thereafter. The first is permanent commission while the other is short service commission. Special technical entries along with non-technical ones can be easily applied for.

Career options in armed forces after engineering

  1. Technical Entries
    1. UES or University Entry Scheme – Students who are in their pre-final year of graduation can apply for this entry. They appear for the entrance examination while still in college and students who clear the examination well are selected to train at the Indian Military Academy or IMA and inducted into the nation’s army. The age limit is between 19 – 25 years of age and the candidate must be pursuing an engineering degree course from a reputed institute. The candidate should not be married.
    2. TGC or Technical Graduate Course – Being the most popular entry in the Indian army, it is conducted by the Armed Forces twice annually and the candidates are shortlisted on the basis of the percentage received till the 6th Only males can apply for it online and it offers a permanent commission to the students who are then required to join the Indian military academy for a year for training purposes. The age limit is 21 – 26 years of age and the TGC cut off marks are between 70 – 75 %.
    3. SSC – Technical – Being quite similar to TGC, this entry offers a short service commission to the students and not a permanent one. Both males and females can apply for this entry online which is also conducted twice annually just like the TGC. The age limit here is also 21 – 26 years of age with the same cut off marks as TGC. Students who pass this are trained for a year in Officers Training Academy in Gaya.


  1. Non-technical Entries – Engineering students can also apply for non-technical entries into the armed forces after completing their degree though much value will not be given to their degree and they will be treated as normal grad students.
    1. CDS Exam – Conducted by UPSC twice each year, this is a written exam with no percentage cut off.
    2. Territorial Army – Another aspect of the armed forces, students who have done engineering can apply for the same.
    3. NCC Special Entry – When the notification comes, students can apply for NCC ‘C’ certificate and make a career for themselves in the armed forces of our nation.