Career Perspectives for Electrical Engineers in USA

With the super low employment rate of 2 percent since the middle of the last year, there has been a huge chaos for engineering graduates, specially the core opters. Here we are going to focus about the Career Perspectives for Electrical Engineers in USA.

But for the record, the great USA has about 2,50,000 job opportunities in the next 10 years from now. High growth sectors like oil, gas and renewable energies in metropolitan areas like Houston, Los Angeles and Washington DC boasts about having numerously good job offers for engineers with an electrical degree.

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That translates to an 11 percent expansion rate in the US engineering labour market from now through 2023.The electrical engineers can no doubt seek career in the country since the job opportunities are visibly higher.

Predicted that demands for architectural and engineering managers will supplant the electrical engineers from the big four occupations in terms of job additions.

Where the electrical engineers face a crisis of opportunities in spite of having knowledge, ability and tech-innovations, a country like USA has individuals  and firms which are ready to invest in there new ideas and abilities without any discrimination based upon the college they have sought  their degree from. Engineers looking forward to research and innovations can definitely look forward to much appealing options in US.

Keeping aside everything, the top electrical firms own their nativity to USA. The firms, some of them are:-

  • HALLIBURTON-Energy services group based in Houston.
  • BECHTEL CORP.- Energy construction firm from San Francisco.
  • WASHINGTON GROUP- boise idaho.
  • URS CORP- San Francisco.
  • DAY and ZIMMERMAN- Philadelphia.

All these firms are energy providers or power suppliers and construction firms. They provide jobs with healthy salaries, better growth, higher appreciation and greater assets to individuals.

The present energy scenario has led to a shift in the energy dependence of the turbines and machinery.

The inclination is towards the use of renewable sources like hydroelectricity, solar energy, and wind energy. Where all these sources serve as an additional source in India, they provide as a main source in USA and there are multiple power plants based upon these and hence more opportunities for Electrical grads.

An additional benefit of a career in USA is that it has been drafted out there that a person gets a payment depending upon the amount of work, not upon the post he/she holds.

The bottom line is that USA offers growth, opportunities, platform, source and economy to reach the zenith of the expectations of one’s life.