CBSE 10th English Review 2016, Exam Analysis and Paper Solutions of 15th March

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CBSE 10th English Review 15 March 2016– According to the CBSE 10th Exam Review, the CBSE 10th English exam for English Communicative and English Language and Literature were scheduled to be taken on 15th of March, 2016. This CBSE 10th English Exam Review attempts to provide the students with a clear idea about the paper and how they can actually score a good mark in it. As the exam has just ended the CBSE 10th English Paper Analysis and CBSE 10th English Review 2016 will be shortly available on the official site of the board.

CBSE 10th English Paper Review/ Analysis 15 March:

A high score in English in the CBSE 10th Board Exam can be helpful for the students to study the subject further. Having a strong base in English not only helps the students in developing proper communicative skills but also adds to their ability to perform well and express their ideas properly in other papers.

According to the CBSE 10th English Review 2016 the paper included total 4 sections. Section A, which was allotted for Reading, Section B, which was allotted for testing the writing skills of the students, the Section C included grammatical questions and the Section D was for testing the knowledge of the students in literature.

CBSE 10th English Review 2016: 

CBSE Board English Exam Review says that the marks allotted for the section A was 15 marks and it included unseen passages. The length of each of the unseen passage was between 800-900 words and the questions from the unseen passages were a mixture of direct and indirect questions. As already declared in the CBSE 10th English Exam Review, around 3 marks were allotted for vocabulary based questions taken from the unseen passages.

The section B had total 20 marks and included four writing sections. There were two small compositions and two extended writing tasks for assessing the writing abilities of the students appearing for the exam. As per the CBSE 10th English Exam Review 2016 the primary objective of this section was to test how clearly students can express their ideas in grammatically correct English. The Section C was allotted for 15 marks of grammatical questions and according to the latest CBSE 10th English Exam Review reports, the well-prepared students actually found this section to be easy and highly scoring. The literature section of the paper included prose, poetry, play and short stories from within the syllabus.

CBSE Board Exams Review 2016 with Answers:

Students who have appeared for the exam are mostly satisfied with the question paper and the teachers also seemed to be happy. In the CBSE Board 10th Exam Review 2016, the English paper was given high importance, as it is often considered as the best scoring paper for student not so strong in Science.

The board always takes the best care to publish a detailed question paper analysis along with the answer keys right after the paper is over. The answer keys can be highly helpful for the students to judge their performance accurately and to set a realistic expectation about the results. As the paper is already over, it is expected that the CBSE 10th English Paper Solutions and CBSE 10th English Review 2016 will be shortly available on the official website of the board.