CBSE 12th Accountancy Review, Exam Analysis and Paper Solutions of 17th March

CBSE 12th Accountancy Review 17 March 2016 News- CBSE 12th Accounts Exam Review, CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Analysis and CBSE 12th Accountancy Answer Key 2016 can be checked here. One of the highest scoring subjects for the students of 12th commerce is accountancy. CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Analysis shows the way how to score the most in this exam. As per the previous year’s CBSE 12th Accountancy Review the students seemed relaxed after the paper as it was easy in terms of difficulty and the students were actually happy with it.

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CBSE 12th Accountancy Review 17 March 2016 and Paper Analysis:

The CBSE 12th Accountancy Review of 2016 is intended to provide the students with proper assistance and guidelines for the exam. Accountancy dominates all subjects as the same is considered as the foundational subject for a catchy career in finance. We hope this CBSE 12th Accountancy Review may mitigate the anxiety of 17th march, 2016. Here are some useful points to be considered before entering the exam hall. CBSE Board exams are being organized in various regions like Delhi, Ajmer, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Bangalore, West Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Allahabad, Patna Region (Bihar & Jharkhand), Chennai, etc.

Some basic changes have been made in the class-12 accountancy syllabus. A new chapter of the company act 2013 has been added and the updated syllabus is prepared as per the changes made in company act 2013. A sample analysis of questions from the Solved Question Papers and previous year papers throws some basic points that the students need to keep in mind,

• The question paper will have two parts i.e. A and B
• Part A is compulsory
•Part B contains options- Financial statement analysis and computerized accounting
• Students need to attempt only one option from the part B
• All parts of a question should be answered at one place

As per the CBSE 12th Accountancy Answers of previous years’ questions the distribution of marks was not specific in the paper but the questions were tricky, easy and highly scoring as the same were based on application.

Here are some key points to be considered before entering the exam hall:

You must have done thorough practice and analysis of the previous years’ question papers and sample questions. You should have considered books like, Ultimate book of Accountancy, TS Grewal’s and DK Goel’s etc for proper practice. According to the CBSE 12th Accountancy Review, Accountancy is a subject which needs heavy practice for a good performance in the exam. You need to remember the basic accounting terms and their definitions.

Have a proper go through of journals, ledgers and financial statement analysis. Learn totally balance sheet perfectly. If you are overlooking the solution of a problem with a confident thought that this is easily doable then just do not go by your confidence and take a pen and paper to practice the same. Always try to understand the root of formulas before remembering them because understanding help to remember them in the easiest way.

Always make a good hand by practicing the basics like debit, credit and all other formats of balance sheet etc. It may be good to follow sample papers but it is highly recommended to give your textbook the 1st priority as the same is the origin of all the sample and question papers. Never put yourself into any rush, just be calm and have a happy exam week.

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Good Luck.