CBSE 12th Class Students Demands for Maths Retest

CBSE 12th Class Students Demands for Maths Retest- Check here CBSE 12th Maths Exam Review and Paper Analysis for written exam conducted on 14th March 2016. The CBSE 12th Maths paper came as a complete shock to the students appearing for the board exams. It was reported that even the most prepared students were not able to perform well in the paper particularly because of the lengthy pattern of the questions that took much time to complete. Another point of the paper that was highly criticized was the marking scheme.

CBSE 12th Class Students Demands for Maths Retest

The same report was collected from students from different parts of the country which actually made the demands for CBSE 12th Maths Retest really strong. Even some of the teachers were reportedly not very happy with the type of question.

CBSE 12th Maths Exam Review 14 March 2016:

According to the CBSE 12th Maths Review the mathematics paper that was held on Tuesday included tricky questions that were difficult to answer even for the students who had prepared extensively for the test. Students who wrote the exam made it clear that the paper was not one in which you can score over 90% and there are maximum chances that this year, unless the paper is re-scheduled, the highest mark will ever cross the bar of 90.

One of the most important points to note here is that, many of the renowned colleges settle a cut off mark of 97-98% in 12th CBSE mathematics paper for admission and the tough paper, as claimed by the students, could actually ruin the dream of the aspirants to get admission to their preferred colleges.

CBSE 12th Maths Paper Analysis

According to Paper Analysis, this year, the CBSE 12th maths exam paper was found to be of a higher difficulty level than the previous years. The main problem with the paper was the lengthy questions and the illogical marking distribution. Another point that was noted by the analysis is that the question paper this year had hardly anything in common from the questions of the previous years, which might be again another reason for the students to find it tough.

Latest updates on CBSE Math Retest

Meanwhile, the issue has already been raised in Lok Sabha and Congress MP Venugopal made his point stating that this kind of lengthy papers should be avoided. He urged the government to take necessary steps into the matter. AIADMK leader SR Vijaykumar also agreed with MP Venugopal and suggested that the Human Resource Minister should look into the issue and instruct the board for a liberal correction of the papers. However, anything about CBSE Maths Retest was not suggested.

Mathematics is always considered as one of the highly scoring subjects in CBSE 12th board, which has prompted some of the best universities and colleges of the country to settle for a higher cutoff mark for mathematics for admission to the graduation courses. However, this year’s question paper might not be actually ideal for scoring and hence it is most expected that the colleges will opt for a lower cut-off this year.

Till now no CBSE Maths Re Exam Updates have been announced and it is not expected that the board is actually thinking about re-taking the exam, rather they might settle for a more liberal marking on the paper.

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