CBSE Board 12th Mathematics Exam Review, Paper Analysis of 14th March

Have you appeared for CBSE Board Maths Exam on 14th March 2016? If yes, then check here CBSE Board 12th Mathematics Exam Review 2016 along with CBSE 12th Mathematics Paper Analysis as well as CBSE 12th Maths Answer Key 2016 or Solved Question Papers. In this article, we will discuss about CBSE 12th Maths Exam Review 14 March 2016 and Answer Keys.

CBSE Board 12th Exams Review for All Subjects

CBSE Board 12th Mathematics Exam Review 2016, Paper Analysis:

Only one day to go for the most vital examination of CBSE board, the Mathematics paper, as board has already announced the exam date to be 14th march. Undoubtedly this is the highest mark fetching subject, but as per the CBSE Board 12th Mathematics Exam Review of last year, it brings high stress to the students as well. This exam plays a very pivotal role in every student’s life as the result of the same is considered for higher studies. Here is the CBSE Board 12th Exam Review to help aspirants take an easy breath.

We hope this CBSE Board 12th Mathematics Exam Review may mitigate the anxiety of tomorrow. Here are some useful points to consider before entering into the exam hall.


Sections in the question paper:

As per the previous CBSE 12th Maths Paper Analysis 14 march the question paper will be divided into 3 sections as

• Section A: 6 one mark questions
• Section B: 13 four mark questions
• Section C : 7 six mark questions [/sociallocker]

CBSE Board 12th Results 2016 Declare Date

Topic wise marks distribution:

Topic wise marks distribution is an important factor for this paper and CBSE Mathematics Exam Review cannot be complete without making you remember the same once again. The topic wise marks distribution for this year will be,

• Calculus – 44
• Vector and three-dimensional geometry- 17
• Algebra- 13
• Probability- 10
• Relations and functions – 10
• Linear programming- 6

Preparation before exam:

It’s an observation, derived from the previous CBSE Board Maths Exam Reviews that CBSE always follows a specific pattern. So a good practice and analysis of previous years’ question papers and CBSE sample papers can add a lot of value to your preparation process. Just take a rough idea about the weightage of chapters in the question paper and revise according to that. Always first priority must be given to the revision of already studied chapters. NCERT and R.D. Sharma books are the best reference for the exam.

Knowing various definitions is also important because there are always some questions which can be completely solved if you have understood the fundamental very well. Scoring a top number in mathematics is neither inborn quality nor an art; it is just the result of hardcore practice of formulas and questions. Understanding the formulas is a more rational approach than remembering them. Because once you have understood the basic formulae you can derive many similar formulas from the same and you need not to mug up every single one.

CBSE Board 12th Mathematics exam Review 14 March:

The last important tip is to take a proper sleep before the exam day to help your mind to work well in the exam hall; otherwise on the exam day u must be dozing and thinking about the 14 March Math Exam Review, which was actually the Hindi paper. So the point is, proper rest helps your mind to stay out of confusion and improves your analyzing abilities.

Exam Day:

Before leaving your home just take a quick go through on formulas and definitions. In exam hall first read the question paper just to figure out the questions that will need little time and can be solved easily, and start doing least time-consuming questions first so that you can give ample of time to solve the critical problems. Never make yourself stuck with one question; just leave a space and move on with others in case you get stuck at any. Don’t forget to perform a proper revision before submitting the answer sheet.

I am concluding this with a hope that you all have found this CBSE Board 12th Mathematics Exam Review helpful for your exam preparation. Wish you all a very good luck for your paper.

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