Centennial College Canada Application Process and Deadlines

Centennial College Canada Application Process and DeadlinesMeetUniversity.com represents here Centennial College Canada Application Process and Centennial College Canada Application Deadlines of 2018 intakes. Centennial College Canada is a Public College. It was established in 1966 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With the urban campus, the college offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs for both national and international students.

The college has about 20,000 full-time and 20,000 part-time students. It is located at 941 Progress Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was the first college to be opened in Ontario during the starting of public colleges. It is one of the best research colleges in Canada. As per the website, Centennial has four campuses namely,

  1. Morningside Campus,

2. Progress Campus,

3. Ashtonbee Campus,

4. Story Arts Centre.

The time of admission has started, so let’s take a look at the Centennial College Application Process and Deadlines before it gets late.

Centennial College Canada Application Process

In order to apply to Centennial College, you’ll have to follow some steps as usual. But keep in mind, not to make mistakes or you’ll have to do it all over again. For this, you’ll have to first visit the college website.

After opening the webpage, follow these steps-

  • Fill in your applicant type,
  • Fill in your application form type,
  • Fill your personal information,
  • Fill your mailing address,
  • Select available programs,
  • Provide further details,
  • Submit the form.

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How to apply in Centennial College Canada

To apply in the college abroad, there is a certain process you’ll have to follow step-by-step. Following are the steps to help you to get done the procedure faster.Here listed, are the points you’ll have to remember while applying for admission.

  • Choose 1-3 College Programs, so you can get admission in the alternative if the subject gets full.
  • Fill the online college application form
  • Submit the application form and create a pin that is Personal Identification Number
  • Fill all the sections on the form and click on ‘complete’
  • Email all of the properly scanned copies of required documents to interapp@centennialcollege.ca
  • To check your application status, you may get in touch with your Regional Admissions Team Member. Remember your Student Number, or name and date of birth in your email.
  • If you meet all the admission requirements, you’ll get an acceptance package. To reserve a seat in the course, pay your registration and tuition fee by the deadline. Deadlines will be mentioned in your offer letter.
  • After this, apply for Study Permit Visa using your offer letter, fee receipt, and other needed documents.
  • Notify the admission team if your visa is approved.
  • Reach your destination and then complete other details.

Centennial College Admissions Deadlines

Before applying, it is important to know about the deadlines and not to be left behind in the application process. Most of the deadlines have already passed as certain months are fixed for sending out offers for admission. Here are the Centennial College deadlines for 2017-2018.

Offers sent out The Last date to apply The Last date to register Classes starting
Feb 1, 2019 OCAS Application Sept 6, 2019 Sept 12,2019 Sept 5, 2019

Thus, for more details, stay tuned to our website.

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