Centennial College Canada Ranking and Overview- Why Study in Centennial College?

Centennial College Canada Rankings- Centennial College Canada is a Canadian Public College located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has 20,000 full-time and 20,000 part-time students from all over the world. The College was established in 1966 and has total five campuses namely, Ashtonbee Campus, Eglinton Learning site, Morning Side Campus, Pickering Learning site, Progress Campus and Story Arts Centre. The College provides both under-graduation and post-graduation courses. It is also home to seven satellite centres.

But no matter, it is always important to check the Centennial College Canada rankings before you join any university or college to know where it stands. We have gathered authentic rankings of Centennial College for you.

Centennial College Canada Rankings

Centennial is ranked among the top 50 Research College List. It is also a part of the top 15 Colleges in Ontario. However, before knowing the rankings it is important to know that research activities in Centennial are coordinated by Applied Research and Innovation Centre.

It is ranked 12th overall on the nation-wide list amongst the top 50 Research college in Canada and among the top 15 colleges in Ontario, Centennial is ranked 3rd overall.

Centennial College is leading the six Toronto-based colleges in Student and Employer satisfaction for two consecutive years. The satisfaction rate rose to 78.5%, the highest among six GTA colleges.

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Why Study in Centennial College Canada

If you are thinking about joining the college but confused about doing so, here are few reasons that may help you to take the decision. The top best reasons to choose this college for your further studies are as follows:

  • Experience the new Culture- The culture in foreign countries is very different than what we have at home. You may have read about Canada, watched it in movies or heard about the place from people, but there is nothing like experiencing on your own. Canada is one of the best tourist places.
  • Feeling of home- It is very normal to feel homesick at the thought of leaving home and going to some other city, live alone in a new country. But Canada is one place you’ll feel close to because of a lot of Indians living there. The place is full of Punjabis and will never let you feel away from your own country.
  • Scholarships for International Students- College provides the scholarship for students on merit basis. If you’re a meritorious student, it will be available for you just after two semesters and you’ll be able to get it.

Alumni of the Centennial College- 

The college has given some of the best and notable alumni over the years. The students studying in this college have reached the best in their career and you may also one of them as the Centennial has a record of producing best students that achieve success and never fail in any field. Some of the alumni are John Candy, John Cooper, Gary Archibald, Ted Barris, Ravi Vetrivel etc.

Thus, the above-mentioned reasons are enough to choose the Centennial College for your higher studies. For more information about this college, you are advised to stay tuned to our website. You can also put your queries in the Comment section provided below.

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