List of Top Colleges & universities in new Zealand

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universities in new Zealand
universities in new Zealand

When thinking about studying abroad, consider New Zealand as an option too for Top Colleges & universities in new Zealand. Well, for these reasons you’ll definitely consider as a popular destination for education.

  • The main motto of New Zealand is – “Study.Work.Settle” for international students. The latest studies have revealed that there was a 51% percent increase in the number of Indian Students, in June 2019.
  • In total there are eight universities in New Zealand and several academic institutions. And all eight universities are featured in Top universities in new Zealand.
  • Also, universities in new Zealand is much cheaper to study and live in, as compared to other countries like the UK or the USA. The rate of unemployment in New Zealand is also too low.
  • English is the first language of the nation and the common language in universities in new Zealand also.
  • There also some great cities in New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington with well-reputed universities, high quality of life, vibrant nightlife, and stunning natural scenery.
  • New Zealand has 18 institutes of technology and polytechnics, which offer vocational courses that mainly, focus on practical skills and hands-on experience of their students.
  • Degrees in universities in new Zealand are structured – The Bachelor’s Degree Program for 3 years, Master’s Degree for 2 years, Doctoral degree at 3-4 years, and MBA for 1-3 years.

Well, I think these reasons are enough for one to choose New Zealand as his/her study destination. These universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools are highly respected and well-known for their education and academic communities.

The top 5 Universities of New Zealand are:

  1. University of Auckland

Opened in 1883, the University of Auckland is the topmost prestigious university in New Zealand, spread across various campuses. It is situated in New Zealand’s most largest and beautiful city, Auckland, and has six campuses with more than 40,000 students enrolled. It also has the biggest research organization, which comprises more than 13,000 staff and postgraduate students participating in research and applied. It includes eight faculties- faculty of arts, business school, science faculty, creative arts faculty and industries, medical faculty and health sciences, education faculty and social, faculty of engineering, faculty of law; two major institutes -Liggins Institute, Auckland Bioengineering Institute and a variety of research institutes and centers.

It provides high-quality management, transparent and academic and administrative policies, practices, and services to its students. The learning techniques, research, and creative work make it even more attractive to international students. The employment opportunities are also good at the university, as they cover a wide range of development opportunities and professional skills through study, conference, and workshops. Auckland University also has one of the most impressive alumni networks in the world. From film-maker to brand manager, Auckland University has done well for all its students.

  1. University of Otago

New Zealand’s oldest and prestigious higher education, the universities in new Zealand of Otago was published in 1869, under the motto of “Dare to be wise”. The university has the most beautiful campus on the earth and also excels in the field of health sciences, with undergraduate and doctoral programs. The university has a total of four campuses across New Zealand – the main campus in Dunedin has Otago Business School and faculties of science, humanities, and health sciences. The other campus at Christchurch is home to Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The third campus is at Wellington has Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, also responsible for admissions, alumni management, business networking, and research. Lastly, the Auckland campus is responsible for children’s issues, distance education, and course information.

The university includes a wide range of graduation, Ph.D., and postgraduate level in several programs such as finance, economics, entrepreneurship, business, management, marketing, medicine, pharmacy, law, arts, social sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, zoology, botany, and computer science. The university attracts around 18,000 students for providing world-class education and strong links with 90 university campuses globally. The university has an existing network of more than 100,000 notable alumni across 142 countries.

  1. Auckland University of Technology

The Auckland University of Technology is a publically-owned institution founded in 2000, famous for higher education and research. It was officially begun in 1895 as Auckland Technical School and then converted into Auckland Technical College by rendering evening classes to its students. And finally, in 2000 it was granted the university status – Auckland University of Technology (AUT). It also has more than 60 research centers and institutes- enable us to collaborate with various big and small organizations such as NASA, Air New Zealand, Spark, and Orion Health. It has three campuses – City campus, North Campus, and South Campus. It gives free counseling sessions and mental support services and advice to its students from professionals this is why top universities in new Zealand

On-campus facilities include several-cafes and bars, libraries, gyms, training halls, sports spaces, stationeries, students lounges, bookshops, and student service centers. It also provides on-campus accommodation facilities also in an apartment or townhouse style. AUT is an institute with five faculties, which is divided into 17 schools. The university offers over 250 programs in art, design, economics, science, business, education, engineering, mathematics, computer science, clinical studies, creative technologies, communication studies, languages, psychology, nursing, tourism and hospitality, law, public health, social science, and sports to its 30,000 students by 195 professors. It has a vast alumni network of over 1, 00,000 graduates across the globe who gained success in the field of media, technology, and politics.

  1. University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury was founded in 1873 and formerly known as Canterbury College. The university also offers a foundation studies certificate course, which teaches English and academic proficiency. The university founded its first art school of New Zealand with a four-year bachelor’s degree in arts and the university also offers art galleries and workshops for its students. The university is home to five colleges- College of Arts, College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Education, Health and Human Development, and College of Business and Law. Each of these colleges offers various degrees programs in arts, commerce, technology, fine arts, sports, and music, law, and health sciences, physical education, forestry, and language pathology. It also has 35 research institutes with 17,299 students enrolled for undergraduate, postgraduate programs, diploma’s, and doctoral degrees by 1151 staff members. The university maintains a notable alumni list, which includes renowned authors, artists, academics and politicians, etc.

  1. The Victoria University of Wellington, University of Waikato, Massey University, and Lincoln University Canterbury– These four universities in new Zealand rank the same in top university lists. All these universities give high-class education, faculties, amenities, and programs to their students. Below is a table of universities in new Zealand and their international ranking on the basis of the following: Universities Time Higher Education (2020) Top University Ranking (2020) US News &World Report Ranking (2020)
    1. University of Auckland 179 83 134
    2. University of Otago 201 176 237
    3. Auckland University of Technology 251 442 434
    4. University of Canterbury 301 277 318
    5. Victoria University of Wellington 501 215 515
    6. University of Waikato 501 266 727
    7. Massey University 501 287 522
    8. Lincoln University Canterbury 501 356 1033