Conestoga College Canada Rankings and Overview- Why Study in Conestoga?

Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada is one of the leading colleges for Polytechnic Education in Canada. Students can choose from a variety of career-based programs such as apprenticeships, diplomas, degrees, post-graduate certificates, continuing education and part-time studies. Each of these programs reflects the latest trends in the job market and help the students build the skills and knowledge required for growth in their respective careers.  At present, there are 11,000 students pursuing full-time programs, 30,000 students pursuing part-time programs and 3,300 students pursuing apprenticeship programs.

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Conestoga College also provides students with opportunities to participate in applied research projects, thereby helping them to practice what they have learnt. The college is approved by three councils namely, NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR. The college is also eligible for funding from these councils and was the first college in Canada to inaugurate the CIHR Industrial Research Chair for Colleges.

Conestoga College Canada Rankings

According to the Ranking Web of Universities, Conestoga ranks 98 among top-ranking universities and colleges in Canada and ranks 5907 in the world’s top ranking universities list.

Conestoga College Canada Rankings by QS

The Conestoga College Canada does not feature in the QS World University Rankings 2016-17.

Conestoga College, Canada Rankings by Times Higher Education

The college is not listed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17.

Reasons to Study in Conestoga College Canada

Conestoga College Canada offers some of the best career-based courses in polytechnic education. Here are some more reasons why many students choose to study in Conestoga College, Canada:

  1. Best public institution for polytechnic education in Canada: Conestoga College, Canada is one of the best community colleges in Canada offering world class polytechnic education with renowned and welcoming faculty members.
  2. Apprenticeship programs: Conestoga College, Canada offers students various apprenticeship programs to help them build the skills that they would require for their careers. The courses are designed keeping in mind the changing trends of the job market.
  3. Excellent alumni association: The Alumni Association of the college consists of nearly 40,000 enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate alumni. Various events and activities are conducted by this association on a regular basis.
  4. Excellent facilities: The College offers students excellent facilities like a recreation center, book store, child care center, Learning Commons Center, ATS center, etc. The recreational center offers students with a variety of athletic programs to choose from. The center also provides event organizers and exhibitors the perfect space for their exhibitions and shows.
  5. Scholarships and bursaries: The College offers numerous scholarships to students on the basis of merit or financial need. The Wendy Kudsia endowed ECE bursaries with a total value of $750 – $1,000 is one such example.
  6. Increase in enrollment: Over the last five years, there has been nearly 42% increase in the percentage of students who have enrolled themselves for different courses.
  7. High graduate employment rates: The career-based courses ensure immediate employment opportunities for graduate students after the completion of their courses. Furthermore, the college scores high in terms of student and employer satisfaction.
  8. Cross-cultural perspectives: Conestoga College’s student population comprises almost 800 international students from over 53 countries in the world. This provides students with multiple opportunities to interact with students from different cultures and gain a multi-cultural perspective on different subjects.
  9. Flexible courses: The Conestoga College, Canada provides students with multiple courses to choose from. Furthermore, the courses are designed to be flexible and students can choose to get double degrees or go in for multiple degrees as per their needs and interests. Furthermore, the college offers students bridging programs that they can complete in order to fulfill the course requirements.
  10. A perfect blend of tradition and modernity: The Conestoga College, Canada provides students with a conducive learning environment surrounded by beautiful landscapes and architecture. At the same time, all the buildings of the college are well equipped and use state of the art technology. The college also provides students with fully equipped gymnasiums and fitness centers to help in their holistic development. In short, the Conestoga College, Canada offers an excellent blend of tradition and modernity which is an important feature in today’s times.