Cost of Living in United States

The land of opportunities and often called the fairy land, United States has it all to make you a person of your dreams, where you can get a level of quality education, handsome income and the freedom to live your life in your way.

Cost of Living in United States

These charismatic qualities of US propel many youth to choose United States as their destination to pursue education. However to maintain a healthy lifestyle in US, we rupee earners need to do a strategic planning on the Cost of Living in United States before attempting to study there.

The cost of living in the US is a big concern for every parent and students approaching universities of US to study there. For a healthy and confident living after reaching the states, every aspirant need to perform a proper analysis on Cost of Living in United States before boarding their flight.

If you are an aspirant and searching the web to get a proper idea about cost of living in the USA you are at the perfect place.

To pursue your dream to work abroad, an education in the US is a classy choice. It is true that a good quality education in US might lead you towards a vast expenditure, but at the same time, there are also low-cost and subsidized universities. So it is totally up to you and your choice. The most admired business schools of US like Stanford, Harvard and Wharton offers MBA at a higher price, however there are also many institutes that provide low cost quality education.

The living Expenses in USA

Cost of Living in United States for students can be categorized into 3 different segments i.e.

a) expense in tuitions
b) cost of living
c) other expenses.

First let us take a look at the tuition fees, which completely depends upon the type of tuition you take. It can vary according to the course which you are going to pursue as well as the institution. It can vary from 5000$ per year to 50000$ per year depending on these factors.

Private institutions normally charge between 15000$ and 30000$ per year as tuition fees. At some point it goes beyond 40000$. And a public institution normally charges 10000$ to 20000$ per year.

The Cost of Living in United States as a student maintaining a healthy living includes, rent, electricity, groceries, utilities, etc; which comes around 800$ per month and around 10000$ a year as a whole. This estimation includes some sub- estimations like travel cost (300$-700$), books and study material (500$-1000$) per year, room and boarding cost (3000$ to 7000$ and an additional 2000$ for vacation period), clothing (500$) per year and personal expenses (2000$) etc.

The “other expenses” included in the Cost of Living in US includes, Air ticket ( 500$ to 2000$ approx.), health or medical insurance ( 300$ to 500$ per year ) and if you are taking your family members along with you then for each family member the cost will increase by 15% annually.

You can always cut down on your expenses and adjust according to your budget or apply for an education loan but always keep in mind that health should be prioritized.