Cost Of Doing MBA From UK: Calculate Your Expenses

Check here details about Average Cost of MBA from UK, Calculate total MBA Expenses in UK for Study Abroad

Worrying about the Cost of MBA from UK? Well, it will cost you by the course you choose, the place to stay, the way you live and so on. It also depends on the type of college you choose, its ranking systems, infrastructure, etc. Below we are providing all the cost and expenses of MBS in the UK.

Cost Of MBA From UK

If you are making your mind of doing MBA in the UK, confuse about the total expenses, cost, etc. we will help you to calculate MBA expenses in UK before going to pursue the course. The cost varies from college to college. Find below all the important aspects where the costs rises.

Cost of MBA from UK Will Include:

1.) Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is the main aspect of an MBA course. It’s very important to know the tuition fee of the college you choose. There a large number of business schools in the UK. So, calculate the costs according to the tuition fee of the particular colleges. Collect all the name of the top business schools in the UK, and try to find the tuition fee accordingly. The duration of the course also increase the fee of the course. So, know the duration of the course also. It will help you to know the cost of MBA from UK. Find the top business schools in the UK with their tuition fee structure.

  • London Business School: This business school is in the top list of business schools in the UK. In this school, they provide a 21 months course and the fee of this course is £57,500.
  • Manchester Business School: It offers an 18 months MBA program and it costs around £38,000.
  • Lancaster University Management School: It costs around £26,000 for a full time MBA programs. The living expenses in around £9,000
  • Oxford: The total estimate of the MBA course in the UK is £38000. The living expense is around £13000.

There are also many part-time executive MBA programs with almost a same tuition fee. There are also many organisations that provide scholarships to the students doing the course in the UK. If you want to study and have problem, you can go for the scholarship scheme.

2.) Costs of Study Materials

Study materials like books, journals, laptops, etc. can charge you around £1,070. It also depends on the type of college you choose.

3.) Food and Accommodation

Food and Accommodation will costs you the way you want to live or eat. You have to choose either on-campus accommodation or off-campus accommodation. On-campus accommodation will cost you less whereas off-campus will cost you more. The food costs and the accommodation costs differ from school to school.

4.) Cost of MBA Abroad

Thus, these are the cost of doing MBA from UK. Choose the best business school as per your budget. You can go for scholarship schemes available at every business school in the UK.

If you have any query regarding the Cost of MBA abroad or Cost of MBA in UK, feel free to ask us. We will help you out to solve your query.

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