Cost of Studying Engineering in Germany

Germany is the ideal place for the students who are looking for the best destination for pursuing engineering. You can compare various institutions for choosing the best. There are top class colleges available here that offers amazing opportunities for the students to learn engineering. One thing that happens to be a problem is the Cost of Studying Engineering in Germany. The fee of studying engineering in Germany is quite high, and the expats find it quite difficult to cope up with the price.

Cost per semester

For studying engineering, it will cost around € 200-300 approx.

– No tuition fees in some states

– € 500 for second degree or prolonged study duration

– € 500 even for the first university degree in some states

Living expenses

  • Rent & different Utilities- Approx €200
  • Private accommodation > Approx €300
  • Shared flat or Student residence Approx €200
  • Internet & Mobile phone – Approx €30
  • Mobile flat rate – Approx €15
  • Internet DSL flat rate – Approx €15
  • Health insurance – Approx €60
  • Food & Drinks – Approx €125
  • Miscellaneous expenditure  – Approx €50

Rent or accommodation is the category in which you need to spend lots of money. So, its preferable to stay on sharing basis with other students. You can also try for students hall of residence that costs around €240 per month.

Most universities are public and the education cost in those universities are much lower as they are funded by the state. But if you are planning to study in a private university, then it may cost approx €20, 000 per year as these colleges and universities run with the aid of the tuition fees.


It is a ticket that allows students to travel in public transport at free of cost for 6 months.

Extended course of study

If you study for more than 4 semesters, then you need to pay for extended education and the amount may be €800 per semester.

Reduce your burden

One thing that you have to admit if you are planning to study in German is that the cost of living is pretty high as compared to other countries. This happens due to the economic differences. You can compare different colleges for choosing the perfect institution for pursuing engineering. As the Cost of Studying Engineering in Germany is high so the solutions are also available for the students. Some of the solutions are discussed below:

  • Tuition Grant: If you want to reduce the burden of paying high education fees then you can choose the tuition grant. Tuition grants are aptly available for all kinds of students. For applying for a tuition grant, you have to visit the website and check the details. You must check the terms and condition carefully before application. Online websites will give you all the details that you need to know.
  • Education loan: Education loan is quite different than that of tuition grant. For tuition grant, you do not have to give anything as security but for loans, you have to give security against the money. However in both the cases there remains a common line that you have to cross. The common factor is that you have to pay a part of the fees all by yourself. None of the options will give you complete support.
Go for smart option

These are some of the methods available in Germany, which aids in reducing the stress of paying huge educational fees. Moreover, the cost of living too is quite high. For this what you utterly need is the financial support. Another remarkable factor is that the opportunities in Germany are wide and variant. Due to this reason, the students do not find it hard to find the perfect profession. There is a high scope available for the students in case of engineering. So if you are determined for engineering, then Germany is the place that you must visit.

Go online and solve your problem

For choosing the best college in Germany, you can check for online websites. You can access all the details about the colleges from online options. Do remember to compare the colleges to find the best choice for you.