Cost of Studying Engineering in UK

Planning for higher education is a great thing. You should plan the best for you. When it comes to education, you should not miss the chance to choose the best option for you. If you are fond of engineering, then the best destination for you is UK. Yes, UK is the only place for you where you can choose the top class colleges for engineering. Engineering colleges in UK are the best. However, one thing that happens to trouble the students is the Cost of Studying Engineering in UK. The cost of studying engineering in UK is very costly especially when it comes to non-residents of UK.

Cost of Studying Engineering in UK

Cost of studying Engineering in UK for UK/EU students

The students studying in UK are segregated in 2 categories- EU students or the Home Students and the International Students.

Wales and England charges UK£9,000 approx for an entire year of study. It goes to £3,575 ($5,330) per year in Northern Ireland.

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) offers funds and subsidies for studying in these countries.

Cost of studying Engineering in UK for International students

The education cost can go up to UK£8,000 (US$11,920) for courses that are lecture-based. However, international undergraduate fees level are approx £11,987 ($17,870). It is approximately £4,000 more than the home students.


Chevening Scholarships, Marshall Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships and fellowships are some of the scholarships that are available for the international students to lessen their burden of higher education.

Though most scholarships in UK are available for the students of Post Graduation degree, but there are other options as well for the students of the graduation degree like engineering. When you decide to study in a particular engineering college, you can contact that college or university to know if any assistance is available for the international students studying engineering in UK.

Do not worry about the cost of studying engineering in UK

If you are worried about the huge costs of learning in UK, then you will be happy to know that there are various solutions available for you too. UK is the place of opportunities, so you do not have to worry at all about high costs. For reducing the huge Cost of Studying Engineering in UK, you can take the education loans. Although the international students have to go through a series of process for this but education loans can be very helpful for all. You just have to follow the steps and apply for the loan. You must give all the required documents for your loan. This can give you great support for paying your education fees.

Other optionS to reduce cost

The other option that you can chose is the tuition grant. Tuition grant can give you huge support in paying the huge education fees. In both cases that are to say in education loans and grant, you do not get the complete support for you education fees. You have to pay a part of the fees by yourself. Apart from these solutions, you can also go for a part time job in UK to support the huge tuition fees and cost of living. There are amazing jobs available for you, and you can choose them to support your financial life in UK.

Compare and choose

One thing that you need to understand is that choosing the authentic and good college is very important. Choosing your institution wisely can reduce much of your stress. For choosing the best college all you have to do is compare the colleges. You must compare various factors such as education fees, experience, reputations and definitely accreditation. Choosing from the top options is always the best decision that you can make. This can also give you a cost effective solution. So you must remember all these processes and choose your best options if you are planning to study in UK. The huge cost of learning in UK can be reduced in various ways, and you must choose the cost effective solution.