Cost of Studying in Germany | How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany?

If you are willing to go Germany for Higher Education, then you must be in search for “How much does it cost to Study in Germany?” Check here information regarding Cost of Studying in Germany.

Studying abroad in order to pursue higher education is a dream that many serious students have. And in this dream, one of the foreign countries that have been on top of the priority list of the students is Germany. This is because Germany has always managed to maintain its promise of offering high-quality education to students. However, the cost of studying in Germany has been a hindrance for many students for long to apply to the many German universities and pursue studies there.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany:

Cost of Studying in Germany
Study in Germany

Cost of Studying in Germany:

Studying Undergraduate in Germany:

All the public universities and institutions that offer an undergraduate course of studies in Germany offer an absolutely free of cost study opportunity. The only cost that the students need to pay is the confirmation, enrollment and administration charge for each semester.The Germany education cost usually varies within €150 and €250. For a public transport ticket that the students can access from the university, they need to spend an extra €100. However, students might have to pay a long-term fee charge of €800 if the student exceeds the standard period of study by more than four semesters and he needs to pay in the 5th year or 10th term of study. Though some states charge €500 for the first university degree. If you are studying in private universities, you need to pay around €15,000 up to €20,000 as tuition fee per year.

Studying Postgraduate in Germany:

If you are a student pursuing the post-graduate degree as consecutively after the undergraduate degree from a German university, it will also be free. Only the confirmation, enrollment and administration charges need to be paid. However, if you have completed your undergraduate degree in some other country and have come to Germany to pursue post-graduation, you need to pay €10,000 and above in public universities and up to €30,000 in private universities.

Basic Living Expenditure:

Along with cost of study in Germany, you should also take into account the living expenses as a studying cost in Germany. A rough estimate is given here as the basis living cost in Germany.

  • Rent- €200
  • Private accommodation- €300
  • Shared flat- €200
  • The Internet and mobile charges- €30
  • Food- €125
  • Miscellaneous- €50

However, if you manage a scholarship to study in Germany, you will be able to study in Germany in free of cost. There are many universities and colleges that give you the opportunity to choose flexible financing options. Whether a student would be paying the tuition fees at the beginning of the course or the semester or he or she will be paying it as a percentage after managing a job upon completion of the undergraduate course, is something that the student will be deciding. Many universities also give students the opportunity to seek some extremely low-interest education loans to continue and complete their studies. With the knowledge of the average study cost in Germany, students can quickly proceed towards acquiring this job.

In the end, it is always advisable that before you decide to pursue any particular course in any particular university, just have a look at the university/college website for the fees structure. The fees structure may even vary in a university from one course to another.