The cost of studying in the UK

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Every student, nowadays, dreams of going to abroad for pursuing their Higher Education. And for making this dream come true, most of the students are choosing the UK as their destination as it is one of the countries which has some of the best universities in the world, like Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, UCL, Warwick etc.

cost of studying in the UK
cost of studying in the UK

So, if you also have the desire to pursue your higher studies from the UK University/ College, then this question must be arising in your mind, “What is the cost of studying in the UK?” So, do not worry as we are here to help you in finding a solution to your question.

The Cost of Education in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK can vary according to various factors as mentioned below:

  • Type and Duration of Course,
  • Educational Costs,
  • Tuition Fees,
  • The cost of study material and books,
  • Everyday expenses ( includes bills, rents, transport, etc.)

So let’s have a look and budget your expenses accordingly.

  1. Student Accommodation

There are many places to stay when you live in UK, and the cost of studying in the UK will vary accordingly. If you’re going to study in university, most probably you’ll opt for Hall of Residence and the price starts from £50 per week to £80 per week. Some will prefer eating food in a canteen and some might prepare food on their own.  You can also find accommodation on your own with a group of friends and distribute the rent accordingly.

2. Living Expenses

It depends on how you choose to live. Living away from home leads to the cutback in the lifestyle we enjoyed at home. If you’re under a tight budget, you might have to make compromises. If you buy your own food, it will cost somewhere between £25 to £35 per week. The Internet will cost £5 per week in UK. The study material like copies, books and pen might cost £7 per week. However, there are many ways you can save money-

  • Student NUS Card
  • Choose where you shop
  • Student NUS card for calling

3. Fee Expenses

UK tuition fee is always under media scrutiny because of price hikes for home students. According to latest news and websites, English universities will charge £9,250 from its EU/home students. However, the tuition fees for international students vary, starting around £10,000 and increasing up to £35,000. If delving into detail, the price of humanities is least and medical and laboratories courses are at highest. So, if we sum up cost of living in UK and cost of studying in the UK, it adds up to £22,000 per year. There are two levels of tuition fee is UK at public level funded universities for both home/EU and international.

For under-graduation students, fee from 2016/17 will start around £10,000 and more than £35,000 for medical courses. At PG level, classroom-based program fee will be £9,700 to £32,000. For lab-based programs, the fee will be £25,000 and for clinical students, it will be nothing short of £11,250 and £42,000 for medical students.

You can also apply to various scholarships for the affordable cost of studying in the UK depending upon the eligibility as it’ll help you to reduce the budget more. Find out about scholarships in one of our articles.

It may seem to you that the fee is high but keep in mind that in the UK, courses are shorter than our homeland. Three years for under-graduation courses and one year for Masters. With this, we leave it up to you to decide whether you want to pursue your further education from UK or not.

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