Which Country Is Best For Quality Education In Abroad and Why?

Quality Education stands for student centered teaching approach where learners are offered with the best knowledge in an easy graspable format. It can be unequivocally said that United Kingdom offers the best options for quality education in the world.

Quality Education
The Education System of UK

Compulsory education for all UK children and teenagers starts in between the ages of five and 16. Primary education starts at the age of five years and ends at the age of twelve years. In UK school education is termed as secondary education. The Education Act, 1944 recommended the tripartite system of secondary education comprising of grammar secondary schools. In the final year of secondary school pupils chose one of the following sets of qualifications:
GCSE: GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is                   taken by students of the age 14 to 16 for a specific subject. In UK, this is the             most common qualification for students of this age.
International Baccalaureate program: Many of the schools of UK offers               International Baccalaureate (IB) program and the number of schools                       offering this program is increasing rapidly.
Standard grades and Intermediates: Standard Grades are taken by the                 students aged between 14 and 16 years in Scotland. The exam can be taken             in three sub-levels, Foundation Level, General Level and Credit Level.

In UK, Academic as well as vocational courses is offered to the students at different levels. Vocational courses combine classroom-based learning and independent study with practical training.

UK higher education is split into two levels:

• Undergraduate programs: The common undergraduate programs of UK include bachelor’s’ degrees, higher national diplomas (HNDs), foundation degrees, and others.
• Postgraduate programs: Master’s’ degrees in science and humanities, MBAs, PhDs, MS and others are offered as postgraduate programs. Usually, an undergraduate qualification is a must to get admission in a postgraduate program.

Why UK is the best for quality education?

The courses offered in UK are structured on the basis of the needs of the workplace which is highly recommended in every part of the world. This workplace centric course structure helps the students to improve their career prospects. To ensure maximum practical exposure for the students, the top UK universities often maintain tie ups with big corporate houses, which ensure the development of the best professional skills amongst the students.
The UK education system helps the students to grow critical thinking abilities and make them aware about the professional world. It is a true place for creativity and innovation in the world of research programs. All the courses offered in UK are designed to offer great flexibility to the students’. The teaching methodology also helps the learners to develop interpersonal skills.
Many international students are choosing UK as their destination for education because it is an ideal place to learn, grow and to know the world. Studying in UK also helps the students to improve their language skills which also add to their scope of employment. A degree or diploma from UK can boost the career of any professional and hence UK is surely the best destination as far as quality education is concerned.