Durham City, England

Durham City, England- Durham is located in the North East of England with a lot of cultural appeals. It’s a city of traditions yet modern in technology and its approach. The city is home to the world heritage site Cathedral, buildings with beautiful architecture and Durham University which is rated as the third most prestigious universities after Oxford and Cambridge.

Durham City, England:

As Durham is a small place with its own modernity. It is a perfect blend of big-city attractions and the serenity and splendor of the small town. Well connected with the city of England with rail and buses.

Studying in Durham will not just give you prestige and grandeur of the old England but also the globally accepted degrees and international exposure to the corporate world.

Durham is home to the famous Durham University which was one of the 1st universities in England which were opened more than 600 years ago and is the country’s 3rd oldest after Cambridge University and Oxford University.

Durham Accommodation

Durham University is the only university in the town and most of the students prefer to stay in the halls of residence during their study tenure. Other than that there are number of private accommodations are also available.

The popular areas for accommodation are:

  • Church Street
  • Gilesgate
  • Viaduct
  • Neville’s Cross

Durham Cost of Living

The living costs in the North of England are much lower than that in the south. As most of the students prefer to stay in the halls of residencies the cost of accommodation which is the major expense get reduced considerably.

Some of the colleges also provide all meals or part-meals along with the accommodation. Students are also entitled to get many discounts for traveling and other places of entertainment.

The average cost of the following utilities is $2,420 per month.

  • utilities (gas, electric, water)
  • food and household shopping
  • toiletries
  • contents insurance
  • phone
  • travel
  • course costs
  • clothes
  • leisure

One needs to keep all these costs in mind while making a budget and should stick to that budget.

Durham Travel and Transport

Durham being a small city has the advantage of being everything at a walking distance. Students may use their bicycle or just walk and reach their destination between 15 to 20 minutes.

Students also get a discount on train tickets. One can travel by a 16-25 rail card which costs £28. Student’s discounts are available to travel to major destinations like Newcastle, Middlesbrough, London, Liverpool, and Edinburgh etc.

Durham Part-time Jobs

Many students opt to go for on-campus jobs such as assisting a professor or a senior or other jobs available on-campus. This helps them to earn while they learn. It becomes easier on their pocket and they learn many skills from those part-time jobs. Some students also opt to join off-campus jobs like in restaurants, clubs etc.

Durham Job Opportunities

To work in Durham after the completion of your studies, you need to get the work permit visa. The traditional area of employment is the manufacturing industry as Nissan is the biggest player there. With the boom in construction, many more opportunities are opening.

Food, Shopping, and Entertainment

There are plenty of good restaurants, Tearooms and coffee shops, pubs and clubs where you can go and enjoy over the weekend or in your free time.

There are two parts of Durham city i.e. the old town and the new town. There are many historical places to go including the world famous Cathedral, the Durham Castle & the paved market with more than 80 stalls.


The Durham city experiences mild climate as compared to rest of the UK. In summer months i.e. between June to August, the temperatures exceed 20 C and the coldest winter months are from December to February where temperatures dip to 0C.