Edinburgh, UK- All you need to know about the City Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of the Scotland and it is one of the 32 local government council areas. The city is located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth’s in Lothian. Edinburgh is the second most populous city in the Scotland.

Edinburgh City

Know more about the City Edinburgh, UK:

The city lures you to explore it with a lot of to be discovered, quirky and come-hither nooks.

It’s a city of high culture and lofty ideals, of philosophy, art and literature, and science.

The city is of just the perfect size which is big enough to have all the amenities and facilities like national galleries and museums, fine-dine restaurants and top-class shops and markets and also give a cozy feeling of being in a small town where you can just walk and reach your destination within minutes.

There are plenty of places and events like World’s biggest arts festival which is known for creating super records every year. Then you can spend days and nights admiring the beauty of the city as it is one of the Europe’s most beautiful cities surrounded by mesmerising sights of rocky hills overlooking the sea.

Edinburgh is home to the four universities namely, The University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University and the Queen Margaret University. All the universities are world renowned and the University of Edinburg is amongst the top 50 universities in the QS World University Rankings.


Being a student city there are many options for accommodation and one can choose the right accommodation as per his/her lifestyle and budget. Many students opt to go for University’s hall of residence where most of the basic facilities are included and also you tend to meet many like-minded people while staying in halls. The cost of these halls depends upon the location and the room size you choose to stay in. These accommodations range also depend on whether you go for catered or self-catered accommodation. Students can also go for private accommodation outside university campus and can seek help from the staff.

Cost of Living

Here are the estimated lower as well as upper costs of living in Edinburgh. The cost of living greatly depends on your lifestyle, budget and also spending habits.

The costs are broken down month-wise. One can calculate his/her estimated budget based on the duration of the course you will be pursuing in Edinburgh.

  Lower Range of Monthly Costs: Upper Range of Monthly Costs:
Rent £380 £750
Food £140 £250
Gas/electricity* £50 £80
Internet £20 £60
Mobile phone £10 £50
Laundry/toiletries £10 £40
Printing, stationery, photocopying, textbooks £25 £50
Total per month £635 £1,280

*Most of the accommodation provided by the University includes gas and electricity costs.

Part Time Jobs

Students opt to go for part-time jobs as per their liking and skill-sets. Many students go for on-campus part-time jobs like assisting a professor or someone in his/her research work. Then there are a number of restaurants and cafes and other joints are there where one can work on a part-time basis and earn to support his/her education expenses.

Travel and Transport

Edinburgh is known as a major transport hub in the east central Scotland and it is at the center of a multi-modal transportation network which comprises of the road, rail and air communications and connects the city with the rest of the Scotland, the United Kingdom as well as internationally.

Public transport in Edinburgh is extensive and efficient. The city is known to have frequent and reliable bus service and trams. Cycling is also popular in the city.

Food and Shopping

One can find all the delicacies of the world in the restaurants of Edinburgh. For shopping, the area around Princess Street is the major shopping area around the city center and one can find the major chain retail stores of the world. There are substantial retails parks in the city and one can get clothes and other items easily.

Entertainment and Festivals

Every year the city hosts the annual Edinburgh International Festival between the end of the July and the early September. The festival includes popular events like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Other than the Festival season, Edinburgh supports a number of theatres and production companies.

Edinburgh City


Edinburgh like most other cities of the Scotland experiences temperate, maritime climate which is mild in nature. The temperature in winter months rarely falls below freezing point during the day. Summer temperatures are also moderate and rarely exceed 22°C. As the city is positioned between the coast and the hills, it is also known as “The Windy City”. The proximity to the sea doesn’t let large variations in the temperatures or extreme climates.