Education Programs In UK V/S in India

The education system in India has a norm which is followed by everyone but the major issue about that is the system doesn’t believe in practical knowledge. For the Indian education system, theoretical knowledge is always over practical or fieldwork.

In India, it’s a kind of ritual if they are getting education its not something they desire for but is part of routine about which Indian parents mentally prepare their kid from childhood.

Besides, that parents put bars for the student to become a lawyer, either an engineer or a doctor, other than that Indian parents consider every occupation below average which is wrong! Because of such a thinking process, students are the one who suffers as they don’t have the right to choose whatever stream they are interested in or whatever course they like to do.

Many times this may result in developing false hope and failure of future desires.
The history of the Indian Education System is rich and widely revered. India started with the system of having a ‘guru’, who once accepted a person as a student, would engage him in his day to day life. The student would live with the guru and help in household activities.

Most of the subject matter was related to concepts that could be applied in day to day life. Now, The Indian Education System has taken a turn and is completely different from what used to prevail. We now have several boards, depending on the state. Each board has a separate syllabus, some of which are advanced, and some not so much.

Due to a lot of factors, the Indian Educations System problems are vast and have been criticized by many. The vast area of subjects covered ensures that students know as much as they can. Some subjects teach students about the long & lost culture of India, which they should be aware of.

The other make students aware of the scientific methods but somehow there is always a lack of practical knowledge for Indian students. Whereas Studying from the UK adds to your CV and personality as there you get to meet people from various nationalities. This is a great opportunity as this helps you in networking with some important people.

Nonetheless, the UK is a developed country that offers a lot of opportunities as well. But this doesn’t mean that India is not a good study destination. It houses some of the world-class universities like the premier College s like IIMs IITs and AIIMS. India’s growth rate has also increased the number of opportunities for the youth.

Some of the world’s best minds are products of the Indian education system. In my opinion, India is better than the UK for undergraduate courses. But the UK has an edge over India when it comes to graduate studies and doctoral studies. Studying in the UK will always be a preferred destination for the students who desire to study abroad, apart from that students for whom it is difficult to get seats in good Indian universities, they too prefer to go abroad.

Also, the infrastructure and facilities provided by universities in the UK are way better than the ones in India. It gives a wide platform to the students to explore as well as adapt to the new surroundings, and a student starts working upon his/her communication skills. Which helps the students for their future career options as well as the upcoming interviews.

About the financial comparison student come across a clear view that the UK is much more expensive than India, obviously, but on the other hand, UK also provides courses which are of less duration in comparison to India, as a result, it somewhat compensates in either of the ways. Also, it depends on person to person as some students are not so adaptive to new things, the environment in a blink of an eye but some don’t face any major problems. One needs to see everything, including accommodation, transportation, etc.