Education System in Singapore

Education System in Singapore- When it comes to best in the class education system, then Singapore happens to be one of the topmost names in the list. Now, you may ask that why is it so? Well, the answer to this question is wide and variant. Singapore’s only resource is its people hence their education system is one of the immense pillars on which the economy is surviving.

Education System in Singapore:

When it comes to education Singapore takes no chance. Singapore Education System is very systematic and scientific. The whole education system has a smooth and nice flow.

  • Preschool education: It all starts with preschool education. The preschool education consists of one year of nursery and two years of kindergarten. During this course, the children develop basic language, writing, and behavioral skills. Physical activity, social and creative skills are also included in it.
  • Primary education: The next stage is the primary education. From the age of seven onwards the children get the primary education. This education includes four years foundation course, which includes basic math skills, language skills, and others.

The next level of education

After these levels, the next levels are the secondary and the higher education system. During these stages, the students get to learn the subject of their choice and excel in it. Due to its wide range of choices and amazing systematic education, process the Singapore Education System Ranking has earned the third position. Other than this, it has also earned the first position in both math and science among 140 countries of the world. Moreover, English as a medium of education in Singapore has made it much preferable.

The higher education choices

The best part of the education system in Singapore is the scope and choice that it offers to the international students. When it comes to higher education, Singapore happens to be the topmost names to provide immense choices. The Education System in Singapore for International Students provides a large proximity from where students love to choose. In the case of higher studies, the National University of Singapore deserves a special mention. This university is ranked among the global top ten universities in the field such as computer science, geography, material science, accounting and finance, and mechanical engineering. Some of the other highly ranked universities in Singapore are Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University.

Best destination for you

There are wide ranges of private and institutions in Singapore that delivers quality education. The best part is that there are equal chances available for the special students. The Voluntary Education Organizations delivers best educations for the children who need special attention. Therefore, Studying in Singapore is the ideal destination. So if you are choosing this destination, then there is no doubt that you will surely build a bright future for yourself.