Engineering/MBA/PHD/Bachelor/Masters from Australia: Advantages

Studying in Australia for any kind of degree is associated with a host of advantages and this is a big reason behind high volume of applications that the country receives each year. Here are few of the general reasons that have come up repeatedly in student interviews:

  • Multiculturalism: In one word, Australia can be defined as a ‘social paradise’ where people from different corners of the world meet, giving everyone an opportunity to
    Engineering/MBA/PHD/Bachelor/Masters from Australia: Advantages
    Engineering/MBA/PHD/Bachelor/Masters from Australia: Advantages

    broaden perspectives both inside and outside the classroom.  Australia is far ahead than any other European country as far as diversity is concerned. Just imagine that you might have a friend and a home in many countries after you complete your degree!

  • Quality Education: Australian government strictly regulates the education sector. The net result is high quality of education. This is a big plus point for those who are shelling out their own finances for studying.
  • Work Opportunities: Even though Australia may have high living costs, this drawback is offset by the opportunities available for international students. New policies allow international students to work for a couple of hours in a week alongside their courses and also upon completion. This has dual advantages a) one can get used to the work culture and b) earn extra bucks to tide over living expenses and study costs.

Advantages of Earning an Undergraduate Degree

  • A secure study environment: Australian Universities are required, by law, to provide international students with orientation programs, support services and quality medical care (of course with insurance).​  A set up like this assumes importance when students leave their homes for the first time. A secure study environment is essential for boosting confidence and flowering motivation to study.
  • An extra year: Bachelor’s programs are three years long. Many students also have the option for enrolling in an honors program that adds another year (of course the competition can be extreme). ​Upon completion, students can skip a master’s program and go in directly for a research degree.

Hang on; if you are a master’s student then you have more scope of obtaining A-class or star training and that too with a scholarship! Mature students, in this manner, can choose from a variety of specialized courses that improve their chances of landing jobs. In fact, there are exciting or tailor made courses that are not available in India!

Benefits of pursuing an MBA degree

  • There are recognized MBA courses in Aussie universities. Students are, fortunately, exposed to a balanced mix of both theoretical grounding and practical training which is an essential ingredient of a business program. Of course, this kind of exposure can take an individual to places. Australian universities have an impeccable record of campus placements for students. All this doesn’t cost a fortune to aspiring students! Now, who wouldn’t want to pursue a degree under such circumstances?
  • Global Accreditation: Many of the programs are recognized by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) which is a global business education network and EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). This means students have an edge over the others in the job market. There are about 75 internationally recognized MBA programs in Oz.

Thinking of a Research Program?

It is a huge decision to go in for a PhD; a decision that may require numerous sleepless nights of researching and writing! Programs can be completed over a span of 3-5 years based on full-time study.

  • There might not a defense: Some modern day programs do not require a public defense as is popular in many countries, including India. Students can concentrate on publishing papers from day 1. These papers can form different chapters of a thesis. Surely, the students are trained for their big roles in this manner.
  • Quality of Supervision: Aussie supervisors provide high quality of supervision and have a thorough academic background themselves, implying that students are trained by visionaries. Moreover, the supervisors are well connected. No wonder, students don’t have a rough time in finding their first jobs. Recommendation letters from the supervisors carry a lot of weight.
  • Experience with grant writing: Getting grants is an important part of one’s research career. Australian faculty members are well-known for winning coveted grants that are worth million dollars. Students who are fortunate enough to work closely with such people are destined to move ahead in their professional lives.
  • No obligations to teach or do coursework: Some of the Australian Universities do not require students to complete coursework (especially, if they have done an honors) or immerse themselves in teaching. Thus, students can devote their 100% to research related activities. Of course, this does not mean that students who do like to teach cannot do so. In fact having a teaching experience at the PhD level allows students to continue with teaching during their professional stints.

Why study engineering down under?

Australia has a lot to offer for students of engineering due to the following reasons:

  • International Recognition: Engineers Australia is a professional association for Australian engineers in Australia. This body is responsible for the accreditation of undergraduate engineering programs and students who complete recognized programs are eligible for membership. The accreditation procedure not only ensures that Australian universities offers high quality engineering courses but it also ensures that Australian degrees are recognized in tier 1 countries (e.g. USA, the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa) wherein students can fulfill industry related demands.
  • Scope for Migration: There are ample of job opportunities for engineering graduates due to rapid economic growth and industrial development. As such, graduates have options like obtaining a post study work visa or applying for permanent residency via Australia’s SkillSelect skilled migration program.
  • Specially crafted options for international students: Engineers Australia Professional Year Program is a 1 year long work experience program for international students. The program provides scope for gaining valuable experience in Australian engineering companies. Now, this kind of experience increase prospects of gaining permanent residency through SkillSelect. So, what are you waiting for?

In a nutshell, there is plenty available for students at all levels and from all streams!