Everything You Need to Know About Parramatta City Before you Take the Flight

Beautifully nestled 25 minutes west of Sydney CBD, on the river banks of Parramatta River, the City of Parramatta has witnessed 10 years of rapid growth and development to emerge as the dynamic and vibrant contemporary city of Australia. With the busiest business hubs, social scene that represents the cultural diversity of Australia and educational centers, the city of Parramatta has everything for everyone, ranging from sprawling parklands to excellent shopping, great cuisines, outstanding sporting facilities to excellent educational centers and a calendar of community events, festivals that provide something for everyone.

Parramatta City

Parramatta Sydney, Australia:

Once being the colonial capital of Sydney, Parramatta offers its residents and tourists with a unique heritage sites and rich history and cultural diversified community. Parramatta also acts as the paramount business center and commercial area in New South Wales and it is often referred as the second central business district of Sydney. Being the 6th largest CBD of Australia, Parramatta comprises higher density of residential and commercial developments. Most of the business centers in Parramatta are acclaimed for being sports and with several sporting venues including the Parramatta Stadium, it is the home to the Rosehill Racecourse, Parramatta Speedway and Parramatta Eels.

Parramatta is also the leading real centre and shopping hub of Sydney. It is the home to some of the popular and largest shopping centers including Westfield Australia, which is the 3rd largest shopping center in Australia and also have small retail precincts like Harris Park. In terms of education, Parramatta always tops the list for international and interstate students. Most of the schools and colleges operate under the catholic dioceses. There are also universities that are ranked on world’s leading university for offering quality education to students from all backgrounds.

Parramatta City

Accommodation and Housing

There is no dearth of accommodation and housing facilities in Parramatta. From private rental homes to shared accommodation and on-campus accommodation, there are many facilities in and around Parramatta that can offer best in class accommodation to students studying and living in Parramatta. However, the cost of accommodation varies depending upon the amenities and facilities included in the accommodation facilities.

The universities in Parramatta offer a wide range of on-campus accommodation and housing facilities that provide the students with high quality facilities and amenities at low cost. The on-campus living is not only affordable in Parramatta but also gives the students with a balanced and rich living and learning environment. All the residences within the campuses are self-centered and well furnished with great housing options and 24/7 support services.

Off-campus accommodation facilities are also available close the university campuses. Students are required to check the real estate listing websites in Parramatta to find the suitable facility for accommodation in Parramatta. Home Stay is also an option that students may consider for short stays in Parramatta or for longer duration. It is a private home and the minimum stays can be for four weeks. The rates of private home stay accommodation typically range from AUS $180 to AUD $200 per week.

Food And Grocery Shopping

Parramatta caters for a variety of shopping experiences and budgets. Everything from food and groceries that you need is never too far away from your campus and accommodation facilities. The city center has a number of super markets and shopping districts from where you can buy all required groceries and foods for a week. The city also has supermarket-style stores from where fresh groceries and foodstuffs can be purchased. If you are searching for something that is bit harder to find, then approach the specialty stores at Parramatta like Parramatta Asian Grocery, MC Mixed Business General Store, IGA and Le Sha Promotions and more.

Parramatta food and grocery

The famous Woolworths Ltd also has its own store at Parramatta from where all your weekly groceries and foods can be purchased. To avail the organic and freshly harvested foods and groceries you may approach to Country Growers Express. There are also online stores from where weekly groceries and foods can be purchased and they deliver the purchased items to students on campus.


Parramatta is the historically rich city of Sydney and it is also the culturally rich city that is known for its diverse culture and fun-filled entertainment events. It is the home to some of the marvellous annual events including the Parramatta Winterlight Festival held in June/July and Parramasala held in October, which is a celebration and an event to represent the strong linkage of Parramatta with the sub-continent through its large community of residents that hall from that particular region.

Parramatta entertainment

Labyrinth Escape Rooms is the first real life escape room in Parramatta where to can explore how your primal instinct comes into play when you are looked into a dark room for one hour. This is the most popular entertainment hub in Parramatta that worth a visit. Rosehill Gardens Racecourse is abode to thoroughbred racing in Sydney’s greater west and it is the top racecourse in entire Australia. The garden hosts the leading and world’s richest race for two-year-old and AUD 3.5 million longines golden slipper and attracts the finest and best thoroughbred from across the nation.

Riverside Theatre Parramatta is located in the Western Sydney’s premier performing art centre. Every year it hosts over 1,000 events and it attracts people of all ages from old to young. Parramatta is the abode to some of the leading sporting teams and the Parramatta Stadium is the best place to enjoy a Rugby match or soccer game. The Parramatta Park also hosts a number of outdoor events every year. The Circus Opera Academy characterizes a prime aim at Charody Production, combining the music theatre and opera theatre with the discipline of physical theatre and circus.

Travel and Transportation

Parramatta is beautifully nestled at the geographical heart of Sydney and it is well serviced by bus, train, ferries and road networks and the city is within reach of Sydney Airport, Sydney CBD and Greater Western Sydney. The city is relatively flat and you can explore the city by foot or bicycle. There are also free shuttle bus services available within the city for 6 days a week on a ten-minute circuit throughout the city centre. Students need to visit the Transport NSW website to access the information on all public transport option in and around Parramatta, timetables, fares and routes.

Parramatta transportation

The interstate students studying in Parramatta are also eligible for OPEL Card which allows them to access the public transport facilities within the city at low fares and concession rates. However, to check your eligibility for OPEL Card you need to visit the Transport NSW Website and you can also apply for the card online from the website if you are eligible.

There are ferry services between Circular Quay and Parramatta Wharf every day between 7 am and 7 pm. Parramatta also has robust rail links to some of the major suburban centers in Blue Mountains and Sydney. Local bus services are available within the city that is used by students to reach nearby locations.

Cost of Living

According to Australian Government, a visa holder studying in Parramatta must demonstrate that they have access to AUD$19,830 for their living cost in Parramatta for a year. However, the cost of living in Parramatta is cheaper compared to other major cities in Australia. The cost of living in Parramatta may vary depending upon the individual lifestyle. It is estimated that that cost of living in Parramatta for a year can range from AUD$22,000 to AUD$25000 per year, depending upon the individual lifestyle. Remember, the cost of living doesn’t include the tuition fees.

The cost of living in Parramatta includes foods and bills, accommodation cost and clothing as necessary. However, the cost of living vary according to the lifestyle that student leads during their academic years in Parramatta. Since it may take time to transfer the money from your home country to Australia and convert them into Australian Dollars, so it is always wise to bring some extra Australian Dollars to cover the weekly expenses for the initial months. The break-up of cost of living in Parramatta can be found at the official website of University which is just estimation and the cost may vary depending upon your individual lifestyle.

Job Opportunities

Students graduating from the colleges and universities of repute in Parramatta are likely to get placed at the top and leading organizations across the world. During the academic years the students are allowed to work to gain post graduate skills and experience which help them to boost their employability and grab the best job opportunity that attracts their interest. The universities and colleges in Parramatta also offer career support to all post graduate students to find suitable job opportunities in and around Australia.

parramatta jobs

Campus placements are also hosted regularly by the universities and colleges for the post graduate students where they can participate to grab the best job opportunities of their choice prior to getting graduate from the university. Campus placement allows the students to secure a suitable job at the end of their semester. Due to academic excellence and quality of education in Parramatta, students are likely to get hired by reputed employers with the highest remuneration possible.

Part Time Work

Students studying in Parramatta with student visa are now allowed to work with their visa grant. The students can work part time during their semester and earn skills and experience to enhance their employability post graduation. The part-time work can also help them earn some money to support their education and lifestyle during their academic years in Parramatta.

The universities in Parramatta provide online services to all eligible students to assist them find suitable part time work in Parramatta. They also organize career events, workshops and consultations with career education consultants. Students can check at popular job listing papers in Parramatta to find suitable part time jobs in Parramatta while studying. Students with visa are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight work condition. Students can only work for 15 hours in a week and maximum of 25 hours a week, depending upon their visa condition.


Be enchanted by the vibrancies and elegance of Parramatta city as you explore the new sights and the sounds to indulge all your senses. Students looking for fun filled activities or action-packed adventure and international events or retail therapy at Westfield Parramatta, there are many activities to indulge which will place you right in the heart of all the action.

Located on the scenic banks of Parramatta River is the Riverside Theatre that features over 700 intriguing performances and events every year to indulge all the arts enthusiasts. Home of Parramatta Eels is the Parramatta Stadium that hosts a variety of events so that people of all ages can enjoy. The culinary hub situation right on the heart of Parramatta is the Church Street which has a vibrant culture and lots of activities to enjoy. Students can also enjoy comprehensive sport activities at the Sydney Olympic Park which is also a home to Sydney’s premier sporting events. The Sydney Olympic park event hosts best in class events and some of the most exhilarating and elating activities for all. It is the must visit destination in Parramatta.

Indian Communities

Parramatta and Harris Park suburbs comprise more Indian population but both these suburbs are a bit far away from main city. There are many Indian grocery stores, restaurants, Indian style beauty parlors and Indian clothing shops located in Parramatta. The Indian communities in both these suburbs celebrate Diwali and other popular Indian festivals with full passion.


From sophisticated and sleek to happening and young and vibrant, the city of Parramatta comprises all sorts of clubs, cocktail bars and pubs sprawling across the city. Woolpack Hotel, PJ’s Irish Pub, Collector Hotel, Albion Hotel, 350 Lounge, Champs Bar and Tantra Bar some of the popular destinations where people love to drink and enjoy live music in Parramatta.