All You Need to Know About Exeter UK Before Your Arrival

Exeter UK- Perfectly comfortable and heeled, Exeter is the cathedral city in Devon, UK that radiates the evidences of its century old role as administrative and spiritual heart of Devon. The Gothic cathedral of the city presides over the medieval and Georgian buildings, pockets of cobbled streets, and the splinters of Roman city stretch spotted all over the city. The ostentatious shopping hubs bring bursts of the contemporary world and the university students are assured to enjoy a buzzing nightlife with vibrant dockside activities as a launch pad for kayaking and cycling trips.

Exeter UK:

Exeter is the city that inspires not only the locales, but also the students from across the world. It is the great place for academics and a destination for higher studies not only for national, but for international students alike. It is the city with rhythmic beats, making it the great place for holidaying and also to pursue higher studies owing to the academic excellence offered at the university.

Exeter beach

The city has many things to be explored, from culture to miles of Quayside walks to city’s rich heritage and nightlife. The modern day cafes, amenities, shops, bistros are in abundant and the splendid environmental and atmosphere make it is the city for holidaying as well as for studying for international students. It is the home of one of England’s finest cathedrals that comprise some of the significant historic gothic architecture, near and far, that is carrying out get explored by the visitors. The population of the city is heavily student-based, thereby allowing the international students to enjoy the friendly and fun filled atmosphere in largely serene environment.

Whether you great day out means shopping for yourself in Princesshay or finding fun activities to enjoy, exploring city’s wide and varied culture or enjoying nightlife, there could be nothing glorious than spending and exploring Exeter.

Accommodation and Housing

Students migrating to Exeter to pursue their higher education can find some of the best accommodation facilities within the campuses of university. There is also off-campus accmmdation facility available within the close proximity to the campuses. Students can also prefer to live in “The Triangle” between the city centre, university and football stadium. If living in group is your priority, then renting apartments and house near the campuses would be affordable option for students. Since most of the students prefer living nearby their campuses and housing is located in close proximity to the campuses with a variety of amenities and facilities and affordable prices on offer.

The city offers excellent choice of accommodation to students with wide range of quality hostels and conveniently located guest houses and b&bs. Students can also choose to stay in period building sets in idyllic location or in modern day hostels close to their campuses.

Food and Grocery Shopping

Exeter is the most fascinating place in UK for eating and purchasing the food and grocery produced by the local farmers. Students have lots of options to shop for their weekly food and groceries in Exeter. Every Thursday in a week, students can visit the Farmer’s Market at the corner of Fore Street and South Street to purchase their weekly groceries and food. Love Local Food van also visits the campuses once a week from where students can purchase their weekly groceries and required food for stock. Pinhoe Organic is a company that is operated by students for students and it is officially affiliated with Exeter Student’s Guild. It not only delivers organic foods to the students at their campuses but also delivers to local residents of the city on request.

There are retail outlets and supermarkets close to the campuses from where students can buy all the required food items and groceries for a week. Some of these supermarkets and retail outlets also deliver the groceries and foods at the campus for the convenience of the students. Aldi, BHL Oriental Food Store, Heera International Food Supermarket, Sainsbury’s, Somerfield and Tesco Express are some of the options from where students can prefer buying their weekly food and groceries.


Students are not required to look harder to find quality entertainment in the city of Exeter. With theatre, cinema, music and more can bring something different every night. At the day time, students can explore the museums, art galleries and enjoy the cultural side of the Exeter. Students are likely to find something around most of the corners of the city that suit their interest and give them a chance for quality entertainment.

Exeter entertainment

Exeter Phoenix is located in the city centre that draws some of the big acts and attracts the famous names. Westpoint Arena is the place where burgeoning music scenes are performed by some of the famous name of repute. The Cavern hosts some of the modern and latest acts and this place holds certain respect and gravitas because it is the first place that gave Muse and Coldplay the opportunity to play their act. The Great Hall close to the Stratham Campus is the notable venue for entertainment where Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, The Coral, Block Party, Manic Street Preachers, Def Leopard and Pendulum play music here.

Travel and Transportation

Travelling between the campuses and around the city is easy with regular bus services connecting all the corners of the city. The city also has dedicated lanes for cycling and walking so students can walk to most of the places within the services or use the bus services to reach the long distance destination. However, for far away distances students can take regular train services and flight from the airport. Exeter is the hub with new services and serviced by an international airport which is well connected with places around the country and Europe.

Exeter Transportation

Being such a compact city, it is easy for students to walk and cover short distances within the city. It is also easy to get bus services if you have been on your feet for too long. For quicker and longer distances, rail service around Exeter would be the feasible option for students. To reach any European city, you can use the flight services from the international airport of the city.

Cost of Living

The amount spend by the student depend greatly on their expenses throughout academic years. Students are required to make choices about how they live, what are their priorities and education cost to determine the total cost of living in Exeter. First year students are offered with catered accommodation. It is estimated that single student living in Exeter would spend approximately 1015 pounds a month to meet their basic living expenses like books, foods, accommodation costs, equipments and other necessities.

Exeter Cost of Living

Apart from your tuition fees, when applying for visa students are required to provide proof that they can afford the living expenses in Exeter. The cost of living mentioned above is just an estimate and it is likely to vary depending upon the accommodation and lifestyle of the student. The cost of living would increase if students bring their family to Exeter whilst they study. If students don’t prefer living in the catered halls, then the cost of living for such students on western style breakfast, hot evening meals, pulls midday meals is likely to range from 30 pounds to 50 pounds a week. There are several outlets from where students can purchase their daily foods and meals and the cost range from 3.50 pounds to 6.50 pounds.

Job Opportunities

Students are likely to excel in their career after graduating from the leading university of Exeter. The university website regularly add causal job opportunities in their “My Career Zone” that help students to find respective job opportunities and gain transferable skills and excel career wise. The university also host job fairs for campus placement where graduates can participate to secure a job opportunity prior to their graduate degree from the university. Students are required to regularly check the classified ads on newspaper and online to find the suitable job opportunity after their graduation. However, most of the students usually get placed through campus placement during their academic years.

Part Time Work

Students studying in Exeter are likely to find suitable part-time jobs to earn extra to fund their tuition fees. The students are offered with casual and part-time work in Exeter during their academic years. They need to check for the causal work and part-time work at My Career Zone where all available job opportunities are published regularly for students. Apart from helping the students to gain transferable skills, these part time jobs also help them to earn handsome money that can be used to finance their education in Exeter. Students can visit the Career Zone or ask for job advice appointment where they will get necessary help to find a suitable part-tome work in Exeter whilst studying in Exeter.

The causal work opportunities listed on the My Career Zone include: Event/One Day Jobs, Routine Part Time Employment, Vacation Works, Research Participant Opportunities, Self Employment Opportunities and more. All the part time works are available during vacation periods or on ongoing roles.


Since Exeter is just half an hour drive away from Exmouth Beach, the academic years offer the students with ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Students can enjoy surfing, jet skiing with their University’s Surf Society or they may simply lease out the equipment with their friends on a lovely weekend.

The beach is also considered as the great way to take much-needed study break in summer season and enjoy with your friends after completing your exams.  Most of the student societies in Exeter organize BBQs on the beach socials which students can’t afford to miss. Exeter offers ample opportunities to students to push their comfort zone and feel the adrenaline, ranging from counter’s best paintballing centers to Quay Climbing Centre.

Students can also involve in local sports by attending varsity matches of football, rugby, boxing and any other games. Even if sports are not really your thing, the buzzing environment in the stadium and lively team spirit would allure you and give you a chance to mingle with your fellow students and make some new friends in Exeter. Exeter is the culturally rich city with history, thriving coastal scene and mesmerizing hidden gems, so students are likely to find plethora of activities that can keep them occupied throughout their academic years.

Indian Communities       

The University of Exeter comprises of 19000 full time students, of which 25% of students are international. So, the university has a thriving multi-cultural community and students from over 130 countries that ensure that students from foreign countries would receive warm welcome whichever program they choose to study in the university. The university presently has over 200 Indian students enrolled in different programs and courses. The university also has strong links with some of the reputed institutions in India. The LLB Law Program is recognized by the Bar Council of India.

There is an Indian Community in Exeter that celebrates all the Indian festival with zeal and passion. There is also an Exeter Malayalee Association that celebrates all the South Indian Festivals along with other Indian Communities in Exeter. The University of Exeter takes the pride for hosting Indian Students at the University for over 100 years.


Exeter has limited number of gigs, bars and clubs, of which maximum pubs and bars are located in the central location of the city which is not too far from the campuses. But, where there are students there is likely to have vibrant environment and if you choose the right club or pub, then it could be as lively as any. Timepiece, Arena and Mosaic are some of the popular night clubs and pubs located at the city centre and these clubs host a variety of sports socials on Wednesdays.

On Saturday night, students can head towards the Lemon Grove to embrace the cheesy nature of the campus club where locales are allowed to populate the clubs in town for once. The Ram is the union pub which is the ultimate venue for daytime visit. The Imperial, Monkey Suit and 44 are some of the other option where adventurous cocktails are served.