Famous Landmarks in Australia

Famous Landmarks in Australia
Famous Landmarks in Australia

Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the largest island. It is really a land of dreams with spectacular sceneries coupled with coral reefs, rainforests and red deserts. In brief, it is a traveller’s paradise. This is why the country attracts so many tourists every year! Some of the famous landmarks in Australia, frequented by tourists, include:

Ayers Rock: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ayers Rock or Uluru is a large stand stone rock formation located in southwestern Northern Territory which is very close to the geographic center of Australia. It is most famous for its red appearance in pictures that flood the internet. Standing 1,148 feet tall, the formation began to take shape about 550 million years ago.

Kings Canyon

Located in the Northern Territory and just 3 hours away from Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon is famous for hiking. Aboriginal peoples of Australia consider it as a very sacred site. This majestic destination offers breath taking views of palm-filled crevices and the surrounding desert.

Sydney Opera House

Who would not recall the Opera House as topping the list of famous landmarks in Australia? It is an iconic structure built close to the Sydney Harbor and serves as a host for international and local talent. Resembling the lotus temple in Delhi, the Opera House is very popular among tourists.

Great Barrier Reef

The reef, off the coast of Queensland, is blessed with abundant marine life and comprises of over 3000 reef systems and coral cays coupled with hundreds of tropical islands. Visitors at the Great Barrier Reef enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching and swimming with dolphins.

Twelve Apostles

The harsh weather conditions from the Southern Ocean, off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park (Victoria), led to the erosion of soft limestone that eventually formed 12 Apostles. A further round of erosion collapsed 4 of them and now only 8 remain, standing at a height of 50 meters.

Ubirr Rock Art

Ubirr is located within the Northern Territory of Australia. There are approximately 5,000 drawings done on rocks and together these form the largest collection of rock art in the world. The drawings represent the lives of the aboriginal or the original people of Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Built along the Opera House, stands the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The construction of the Bridge was completed in 1932 and it rises 134 meters above the Sydney Harbour.

Blue Mountains National Park

Again a UNESCO World Heritage site, the park that is located few kilometers from Sydney, is popular for towering sandstone rock formations, hiking trails, waterfalls, rainforests and eucalyptus trees.

Bondi Beach

Only 15 minutes ride away from Sydney’s city center, Bondi is very popular seaside strolls and picnics. Crowds of locals and tourists throng the beach on Christmas and New Year. Shops, cafes, and restaurants lie across the street from this famous coastal strip. Other attractions include Sunday markets, ocean pool and skate parks.

Kangaroo Island

Would you like to watch kangaroos, sea lions and penguins hop along powdery shores and crystal-clear waters? This is what tourists enjoy doing the most at the island.

Shark Bay (Western Australia): World Heritage site

As the name suggests, there are lots of sharks here! The bay also has a type of algae that are considered the oldest form of life in the world.

Bungle Bungles

These are colorful mountains mostly defined by orange and dark grey hues that are made of sandstone and other conglomerate rocks. Water is responsible for their creation. The orange layers are stained with iron and manganese mineral deposits while the darker bands contain dark algal growth and hold moisture.

The Horizontal Falls or the Horries

Located in the north-west part of Western Australia, the falls are one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Although they are called waterfalls, it really consists of intense tidal currents travelling through two narrow coastal gorges. This creates the waterfall effect.

Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT)

The AAT is a part of Antarctica which is claimed by Australia. The area is inhabited by researchers. It is very cold, windy and dry there.

Fraser Island

The island is off the coast of Queensland and is the world’s largest sand island. Fraser Island is a beautiful combination of rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests, swamps, sand dunes and coastal heaths. It is home to a small number of mammal species, a diverse range of birds, reptiles e.g. crocodiles. According to a census conducted in 2011, only 194 people live on the island.

Besides these famous landmarks in Australia, there are many others as the country is quite huge! In fact, there are quite a few fun facts associated with the country that are enough to attract both students and tourists alike:

  • Australians spend more money on gambling as compared to any other nation.
  • Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world.
  • There is more snowfall in Australian Alps than in Swiss Alps.
  • Tasmania is famous for having the cleanest air in the world.
  • There are more than 50 designated wine regions in Australia.
  • Australians invented the wine cask.
  • Captain James Cook first landed in Australia in the year 1770.
  • Saudi Arabia buys camels from Australia.
  • World’s oldest fossil was found in Australia.
  • The country is very sparsely populated.
  • Kangaroos are considered the national icon of the country.
  • World’s most poisonous snakes live in Australia.
  • Over 25% of Australians were born overseas.
  • Australians generally make use of British English.
  • Australia is the driest continent after Antarctica.
  • Australia is a fairly flat country and the highest mountain is Mt. Kosciuszko (2228m).
  • South Australia is the driest state of the country.
  • Melbourne, in Victoria, has the largest public tram system in the world.
  • Sydney is Australia’s largest city even though Canberra is the capital.
  • Most of Australian flora and fauna cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.
  • Kangaroo meat is easily available in the supermarket.

It is guaranteed that now you would love to visit the country, marvel at the famous landmarks in Australia and experience its culture and natural or even built beauty!