Germany Study Abroad Programs

Germany Study Abroad Programs– Germany has always been a very popular and renowned country around the globe due to its history and rich culture, and certainly its educational background. In the present academic scenario, Germany has stepped forward and managed to draw the attention of students and pull them towards Germany for further studies. In order to popularize its academic courses and opportunities that the country has to offer, Germany has even managed to make all of their undergraduate courses in the public colleges and universities, absolutely free of cost (tuition fees). This is applicable both for its resident students and for the international ones. The only fee that they have to pay is for the administrative, enrolment and confirmation charges, along with a travelling allowance ticket.

Germany Study Abroad Programs
Study in Germany

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The Courses:

Along with the ease of tuition fees or course fees, yet another reason students from across the globe have been drawn towards Germany for pursuing higher education is because of the wide and extensive study programs for students coming from abroad. The International Programmes include –

  • Bachelor Degree– it is the basic university degree that a student gets after three or four years. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree is compulsory in Germany to pursue Master’s degree
  • Master Degree– this degree is received by the students after bachelor’s degree after studying for two years
  • Ph.D. or Doctorate– after awarding the title Doctorate, the Ph.D. degree is completed. There are two models to pursue this degree- traditional and structured Ph.D. model. Traditional model is supervised by only one scientist, whereas structured model is supervised by several scientists

The Other Courses Available are-

  • Language Course
  • Prep Course
  • Short Course

Course of Study:

The disciplines of study that Germany offers are largely categorized within –

  • Art, Music, Design
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Law and Economic Sciences
  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Teaching Degrees
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Admission Semester:

Most of the colleges and universities in Germany offer the summer and winter Semester systems for taking admission to the courses. Deciding on the right course, the right programme and the right city to study in can be quite difficult for the students. In that case, the students need to go to the websites of the various institutes and universities and colleges that they want to take an admission to.

For different courses and programmes, these educational institutes put advertisements and information regarding the application procedure and the last date for application. The searches can often be customized according to the choice of city, course, and the subject that you want to get a degree on, the semester in which you want to join the course. The search results can help you make your choice, and you will be able to select the right study abroad programme in Germany. Certainly, while you make the choice, you need to ensure the course fees and the expenses that you would have to bear while you study in Germany.