How to Register for GRE Test

The registration process for most examinations involves several steps and that of the GRE test is no different. GRE registration is often a tall order for most aspirants. But with a little preparation and research, you can register for GRE test, sans any trouble.

GRE Registration Instructions:

Here’s what you have to do to register for GRE test.

Step 1: Before you start filling up the GRE application form, decide about the test date, center, and the institutes to which the GRE score will be sent directly by ETS. The test center and dates must correspond to each other.

Step 2: You can apply for GRE online, by mail, or thorough the phone. Select the GRE registration which is most convenient to you. Online registration is usually the most preferred way because you get to know your status immediately. After logging on to the GRE registration website, you have to create your profile. The profile remains active even after taking the examination so that you can access your score.

Step 3: Here, you have to provide your personal information. After filling your name and personal data, you have to book GRE test date and the center. You should have a valid identity proof during the registration process and have to produce the same at the day of the GRE test. This is particularly important if you take the online route to fill up the form.

Step 4: In this step, you have to enter data, like the year of college you are currently in, your graduation score, and reasons pertaining to why you want to take the GRE test.

Step 5: Once your profile is complete, you have to the fees for GRE registration. You can pay the fees either through cheque or a credit card. Cash payments are not accepted. You must have a valid credit card with you while registering for the test. Know the fees for the test before you start filling up the form.

Step 6: If you want to register for the GRE test through phone or mail, you need to fill up the registration form by hand. You also have to wait for your admit card to arrive, unlike online registration where you can get it almost instantly and take a printout. You must ensure that there’s enough time between sending the GRE registration form, getting the admit card, and the day of the test.

Step 7: Some candidates may require some special facilities while taking the test. These include disability accommodation, medical assistance and others. You have to mention this beforehand to the test authorities. There’s a provision at the end of the test registration form where you can fill in these details. At the same time, ensure that your chosen test centre has such facilities.

Read the instructions thoroughly before you start filling up the GRE registration form. Also, submit the form as early as possible so that you can prepare for the exam without any worries of whether the papers are in order. Take time to ready the form and sit for the examination with a free mind.

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