GRE Vocabulary Preparation Tips

GRE Verbal Reasoning comprises of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion, thereby it is necessary for the students to have strong vocabulary skills to score higher grades in the exam. Students who wish to score high in GRE Verbal section and boost their GRE score must have good vocabulary skills. The best way to enhance the vocabulary skills is by taking help of GRE Vocabulary Preparation Tips.

GRE Vocabulary Preparation Tips:

Rather than studying the words by rote, students are required to use the techniques that can help them to recall the words effectively and easily. This will help them to improve their vocabulary. There are several effective methods and GRE Preparation tips available that can help the students to learn the GRE words and master the Vocabulary to score higher grades in GRE Verbal section and improve their overall GRE score.

3 Stages Technique To Help You learn & Retain Words Effectively

  • The first stage is when students are not familiar with the words. They need to learn the meaning of word and its usages. Repeated exposure to word will help the students learn the world and make them familiar with it.
  • Second stage is when students can differentiate the words from similar words. There are many situations where the words look similar, but the context of the word is different in which they are used.
  • Third stage is when the students learn to use and add the words in their GRE Vocabulary. This means students can recollect the words and employ them in their regular writing or speech.

How to Master GRE Vocabulary?

1.) Read

Reading regularly can give the students a better exposure to GRE Words. The more students will read, more familiar they will be with the words. There is GRE Sample Question Paper which students must read to know the common words. These are easily available online. They may also read prominent newspaper, essays and editorials to improve vocabulary.

2.) Use the words

Simply learning the antonyms and synonyms and meaning of the words is not enough. You are required to use the words in regular conversations with friends and peers and try to use them in sentences of your own. You can make use of GRE Vocabulary Question Papers with answer to know how others have written and used the words in their sentences. This will improve your GRE Vocabulary in no time.

3.) Enjoy

Most of the students consider GRE Vocabulary building is a time consuming and futile effort which never yields any results. But, the reality is just the reverse. Vocabulary that you developed once remains for lifetime. Your vocabulary skills will not only help you to score higher grades in GRE test, but it will be useful for you in your future endeavors, regardless of career options you choose. So, never consider it as a burden and start enjoying the vocabulary building process.

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