Highest paying industries in Australia in 2018

Highest Paying Industries AustraliaProfessional opportunities in Australia have seen a fair growth trajectory. Nowadays, it is no longer just the highly qualified who start with high paying jobs. Here is a list of top highest paying industries in Australia in 2018, along with the skills required. For most of the industries and jobs, the fat packages come to those with good experience. Most of the jobs have the average salary also depending on whether the company is a large scale one or a small or medium sized one. Also the jobs that are across the industries also are more demanding and earn more.As per PagePersonal.com, Top 10 highest paying industries are listed below.

  1. Finance/Financial Services

This sector is the most sought after and people at top management are expected to be paid an average of $375,000 a year in fairly large sized companies, or $250,000 at SMEs. The roles would include Finance heads, CFOs etc.

  1. Legal

Legally qualified professionals are in demand across industries, though their on-the-job experience and thereafter the size of the organisations that they are working in decides the individual earnings to a certain degree. Those with 0-3 years’ experience working in SMEs earn an average of $205,000 a year. On the other hand, those who have more experience and work at ASX 100 companies may earn salary of $438,000 on an annual basis.

  1. Retail

Those who have sound commercial awareness and imbibe retail business acumen are rewarded in this career, though the general reputation of the industry is not being high paymasters. Top level professionals like MDs and CEOs secure around $500,000 a year salaries in food/non-food industries. However, those in the apparel industry would earn an average of $450,000 per annum.

  1. Engineering & Manufacturing

Professionals with good engineering expertise earn relatively generously across companies. Top level technical professionals like Operations Directors in oil/gas industries earn the highest i.e. at an average of $350,000 if they are working at large companies and around $275,000 in SMEs.

  1. Sales

Positions like Director Sales are some of the highest paid across industries like IT, Fast moving products, Consumer goods and B2B services earn around $330,000 a year (this would include on-target earnings). These demanding roles showcase their talent in developing and implementing sales strategies.

  1. Property

Real Estate Investment Trust, also called as REIT, with experience of more than 7 years are paid around $350,000 a year. Those professionals with lesser than 7 years earn in the range of $150,000 and $260,000 on an average. Development directors and managers also earn between $250,000 and $350,000 at the upper end.

  1. Procurement

Procurement and purchases involve knowledge in supply chain management and vendor management. It also includes skills at managing logistics and operations. The senior folks in SMEs are paid on an average of $235,000 a year and can earn around $350,000 per annum at large businesses.

  1. Marketing

Highly skilled marketing managers at the top level can easily earn up to $300,000 a year. The industries that pay the highest are the financial services and the businesses involving consumer goods.

  1. Digital Marketing

Being digitized is the latest buzzword and the demand for digital professionals is only growing. The ones with specialisation in e-commerce and expertise in user experience are very well-paid. These are followed by those with skills in SEO, SEM and CRM.

  1. Human Resources

The Human Resource professionals with in-depth experience across industries with specialization in talent management and change management will attract high salaries. Also those with a knowhow in employee retention techniques are also sought after. Senior HR professionals earn up to $400,000 in large setups (average salary of $295,000), or average of $268,000 annually at SMEs.

 Highest paying jobs in Australia:

  • Retail MD/CEO
  • In-house General Counsel
  • CFO/Head of Finance/Finance Director
  • Operations Director (Oil & Gas)
  • Chief Procurement Officer/Director
  • General Manager (Technical Sales)
  • Fund Manager (Property)
  • Sales Director
  • Construction Manager
  • Development Director (Property)

High Paying Easy jobs in Australia

  1. Construction Manager: They are the professionals on the project site who know about everything on it: from reading maps, liaising with architects and contractors to man management on the suite. They have to be an expert in time management and safety management. They are required to have knowledge about the best practices of building and construction. From the SEEK data, we know that the salary of construction managers are at $123,504 per annum on an average.
  1. Air Transport Professionals: By law by Civil Aviation Safety Authority, it is required that one passes examinations and clock 200 flying hours at least before you get the Commercial Pilot’s License. The job requires commitment, seriousness and skill. The salary range is $56k-$285k. 
  1. Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators: Considering that construction industry is highest paid, these are the best paid laborers. There is risk involved and one has to be fine with the heights. Along with that mental aptitude and alertness, one also requires to complete training and obtain the license to do high risk work. According to the data from SEEK, the average salary is at $104,023 for employees and at $124,682 for management.
  1. Mining Professionals: The average salary is of $118,298 for employees and $132,599 for managers according to SEEK data.  One needs to be physically strong, be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, be comfortable staying away from family etc. 
  1. Gas, Petroleum and Oil Power Plant Operators: One needs strong mathematical knowledge, aptitude from mechanical operations and physical strength. The average salary varies from $75k-$120k. 
  1. Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Professionals: More than the educational degrees, you need to know how quickly one learns the process and troubleshoot problems technically in a creative manner. There is job security and good pay in this kind of job. And the salary range is $40k-$350k. 
  1. Work Health & Safety Professionals: To be able to work in WHS (Work Health and Safety), one needs a VET qualification in order to understand the policies and the procedures of the legal guidelines set by the government. The salary ranges from $50k-$200k. 
  1. Megastars: If you have the talent and the confidence, one can venture out on this occupation to make huge money.

Other easy Jobs in Australia:

  1. Wait Staff
  2. Sales and customer service
  3. Retail, Hospitality and Promotions Assistants
  4. Factory and Process workers
  5. Entry level sales
  6. Carton Sorters
  7. Pickers and Packers
  8. Delivery Courier
  9. Electrical Apprenticeship
  10. Training advocate
  11. Educational designer
  12. Junior Data Analyst
  13. Domestic Terminal Manager
  14. Site manager