How can I go to London to study from India?

Hey, I applied to London University and got an admission too!! – These are some words or phrases you want to tell your family, friends, or maybe to your relatives. But HOW? The answer to your How will be solved after reading this article.

UK universities are best of all time for their research work and academic standards. The variety of courses, the atmosphere, the job opportunities, relevant practical practices, the modern techniques for teaching, automatically make these universities stand into the world’s top-ranking and most reputed institution.

According to the report of Financial Express 2020, The UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) says that student count from India has increased from 18,325 in 2014-15 to 26,685 in 2018-19. But still, many Indian Students face difficulties in applying to the universities as tons of data and information are uploaded on the internet. So, to save your time and energy from fake sites, here are 5 simple steps which will help you to apply for degree courses in London universities –

STEP 1- Research for a Course and University for yourself

As of now, it is clearly visible about the plenty of courses available in London universities. For a local student, it might be easier to get a course and top university as he is familiar with the environment. But for an Indian student, they have to do a little research and brainstorming.

Nowadays every university is uploading their full information about the course and their college on the internet, which might get easier for you to choose amongst. Research about various fields and courses then select any based upon your strengths, weaknesses, likings and disliking, your excellence, your comfort zone, take opinions from your family members and friends. At last, all you have to do is find the best universities or schools or colleges for them.

STEP-2 Enrolment

Step-2 is a bit tricky part and the most important as well. Once you finish researching and satisfied with the course and its university then comes the crucial part for enrolling in the university, i.e., applying for the admission. You need to be very careful about the procedures and regulations imposed on you in order to become part of the university. Though every university has different criteria for admission, these are some basic documents you need to maintain –

1. Attested copies of mark sheets of class X, XII, and the Bachelor’s degree (if applicable).

2. Two academic reference letters and letters of recommendation from professors who have taught you and the employer or manager who now your skills well respectively.

3. English expertise and if you are applying for your first degree in the UK then the foundation course of a year is necessary that should be linked to your concerned applied course.

4. Portfolios or resume if applying for art and architecture courses and certificates and achievements of extra-curricular activities at the national or state level.

You have to fill each and every detail precisely for smooth work. If any detail is missing or not filled in accordance with the form, then the repercussions faced may let to admission failures and delays. Once you are sure about your details and checked them twice. Then submit your application through online means in a platform called UCAS.

UCAS is referred to as Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is a UK-based organization that collects application forms for British universities by International Students. Most of the universities are a part of UCAS and some have their own collection system of applicants.

STEP-3 Wait for the confirmation

As soon as you finish the formalities, then you have to wait for the confirmation letter. The confirmation may delay as tons of forms from all over the world are received by the universities. Usually, they pre-mentioned the time for evaluation of the forms. Normally, the university mails that they receive your application form and after a few weeks you’ll get to know whether you are selected or not. This step tests your patience.

STEP4- Get done with your Student Visa

Everyone needs to hear this that you are selected by so and so university of your choice for this course. But, it’s not over yet, after getting the confirmation you need to start preparing for a student visa. After getting admission in abroad university it’s a bit easier to get your visa.

To apply your visa necessary documents required- Details of your passport, recent photograph of yours, Proof that you are English expertise, Proof of your financial status, parental proof or guardian that you’re not under 18. You must apply for a Tier4 visa (General for students) 3 months prior to your course. The visa also allows you to work part-time in order to earn money.

STEP5- Scholarships

Scholarships are an easy way to fund your tour and increase your chances of studying abroad. Getting scholarships from various sources will lighten your burden. Every university has its own scholarship and criteria, be it privately owned or government-owned. The government-owned scholarships are- Chevening Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships.

Except for public scholarships, there are lots of privately owned universities and third-party also grants some funding options for their international students. Some of them include the following- Gates Cambridge Scholarships, Rhodes House Scholarships, MBA Skoll Scholarships, Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships, UK Scholarships from British Council, Denys Holland Scholarships, Kingston University London Scholarships.
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