How can Study Abroad Programs must focus on student safety?

In today’s India, in the age of competition many of the students as well as universities are catching up with various study abroad programs for a better institution and learning .These kind of programs provide many of the great opportunities and career options, but there is also a dark side of these things.

Many of the students moving in abroad, are not able to handle the changes in their lifestyle and also they are not comfortable with the  weather they are moving in. suddenly they face health issues, sometimes the things gets worst that the students have to take back. This is not the only problem with the students. Violence is also major problem seen among the students, many of the students are not aware about the laws and the culture of the society they are moving into and they  commit mistakes that might be unacceptable by the laws and the society. These all things together, mess up.

Now, the study abroad programs are taking care of the students safety more seriously, they are now providing various seminars regarding the culture and also about the laws in the country the students will be moving in. They are also carrying out various medical tests for the student health issues. People moving to new countries are now feed with basic knowledge about the place where they will be moving.

The study abroad programs are also trying to establish better relations with the foreign universities after these things some positive results have been observed partiality and violence is reduced on major scale.

Students are now looking for their security more than the scholarships, after some of the deadly incidents have been observed. So what do you think that the government should do?   We expect   they should create faith among the students, so that they will be able to focus on their studies instead of worrying for their safety, only providing money in the form of scholarship  is not sufficient ,ensuring the students  safety is also an important thing



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