How Do I find a study abroad program?

If you don’t consider yourself lucky enough to be born in some other international country and can’t get direct opportunities to study abroad, then you are standing in the right place. By making students study in some other countries their culture and social settings naturally enhance.

Studying abroad will broaden your career options. Under these study programs, a person will learn the new rules and regulations, how another country works, the new culture, the people thought process and their ideologies.

To make your dream come true; here are some answers or ways to your question- “How Do I find a study abroad program?”

Find a study abroad program from the universities

The best and the most effective way to find a place in abroad. Many universities give you many opportunities that will make you find a study program in other countries. This is comparatively the most comfortable way as a part of your expenses is managed by your university. There are various types of scholarship programs or semester change programs that are offered by your university. You just have to apply for the same course you are studying here.

Your internationally acclaimed credits of a particular semester directly link to the course you are doing at the home. That means you don’t have to repeat a semester or your semester is not wasted if you’re applying to study abroad, you can continue your course from abroad also. To make it happen talk to your faculties, consultant in the university, or browse about your study abroad programs granted by the university through their online website.

Find a third-party provider

As mentioned before, not every university gives you opportunities for such a program abroad maybe because of limited resources or you are not able to find a suitable course, place, date, and time or university for yourself. Don’t worry! It does not mean that you will not get any opportunity to make your dreams reality.

You can contact the “third-party provider”. A third- party is a person or an organization that helps you to spend a year, semester, and make your study at international universities. These are professionally trained international educators who specialize in building affordable programs. Students have to pay all tuition, housing, board, and any other program fees directly to the study abroad provider.

These companies not only help you but some also train you so that you can adopt their local culture and have an academically immersive experience that will make your future bright. They help you to get your visas, housing done, financing, and also grants some scholarships to their students for lightening the burden. You can start building your relationship with Meet University for further information about third-party study providers.

A Student Exchange program

What is a Student Exchange Program? Some universities have various exchange programs with the other international universities, institutes or colleges with a set of rules and regulations. Students applying for these programs can easily go to a foreign university with an exchange for the student coming to their university from foreign for a certain time or period.

The word “exchange” does not apply that you both have to fill each other’s vacancy in their respective colleges or universities, rather an Indian student can go to the foreign institute and study there and the same applies to a foreign student. According to the statistics put forth by the UN’s International Migration Report, the people belonging to the age group 20-30 hold a substantial share among the total number of migrants. This age group represents the maximum number of students.

Get support from Government

The most crucial aspect of studying abroad through Government means is the most sorted and difficult to achieve. Your full trip can be funded if you go through various scholarships provided by the Indian Government. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education facilitates the process of scholarships/fellowships which are offered by the foreign countries under Cultural/Educational Exchange Programmes.

The Government scholarships cover all the tuition fees, contingency fees, maintenance, travel expenses, and others too. You have to fill the form through online means with various details of your qualifications, eligibility criteria, the value of scholarship, age limit, experience, etc. This information about the scholarships is also circulated in various universities, UGC, and in some leading newspapers.

Some of the leading scholarships provided by the Government of India – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships, Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, Great Wall Program, Inlaks Scholarship, National Overseas Scholarship Scheme by the Indian Government, Orange Tulip Scholarship, GREAT Education Scholarships, Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships.

Learn a Foreign Language

For learning native languages in India, there are various courses for different which are worth trying for yourself and also give you a higher preference and chance in foreign universities. As various universities prefer those students who can speak or write their native language. If you know a little bit of a foreign language, you can do quite a bit with it and your chances for international universities also increases.

By learning a particular language for that university you can not only apply for academics but also for in the future can work professionally in that country. For eg. For applying in France universities, a student who passes at least A1 or A2 level of course, which is the ideal French language learning course, is given preference for selection and the same applies to German language and German University. In German University 70% of the courses are in the English language but 30% are in German, so a basic knowledge of their native language is also important.

Common Exams to study abroad- By giving various exams which tests your knowledge and capability gives you a direct way to apply in foreign universities.

  1. TOEFL – The Test of English as a Foreign Language
  2. IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  3. PTE – Pearson Test of English
  4. SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test
  5. ACT – American College Testing
  6. GRE – Graduate Record Examination
  7. GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test
  8. MCAT – Medical College Admission Test

These are some of the most common and important exams required for study abroad in different universities. At times, there might be a requirement of more than one exam to be cleared.