How Much Does it Cost to Study in Ireland?

Ireland is the most chosen country for the study of the students worldwide. Apart from the education system, culture and quality of education, you must consider one more factor to decide where you want to study. That factor is the cost to study in Ireland. After shortlisting Ireland as your dream country to study in, you must check these points to know about the cost to study and living costs in Ireland.

  1. Fee paid by EU and non-EU student:

For undergraduate courses, usually, citizens of EU/Ireland do not need to pay in Ireland. But they have to pay around 2,500 EUR/year for student services. Student services include examination entries, support for clubs and societies. For postgraduate courses, it depends on the specialization that you are selecting. It is as follows:

Engineering  5500 EUR – 9000 EUR
Medicine  3800 EUR – 21000 EUR
Business  6000 EUR – 30000 EUR
Science and technology  5000 EUR – 10000 EUR
Arts and humanities  4400 EUR – 9600 EUR

The fee for non-EU students is around 9,000 – 45,000 EUR/year for undergraduate degree courses.

Post-graduation cost for non-EU student is as follows:

Engineering  9250 EUR – 24000 EUR
Medicine  4000 EUR – 48000 EUR
Business  9250 EUR – 35000 EUR
Science and technology  9250 EUR – 45000 EUR
Arts and humanities  9250 EUR – 22000 EUR

Apart from this, non-EU student also has to pay around 2500 EUR/year for student services.

  1. Accommodation:

As in every country, the cost of accommodation is different in different parts of the country. It depends on the area you chose to live in. This is the most important part of the monthly budget of a student. According to the study, students spent around 38% on the accommodation out of the total monthly expense. There are university accommodation halls too, which costs 200 – 300 EUR. Apart from these halls, you can choose to live in apartments too. In Dublin, the rent is approx. 1100-1800 EUR per month. In Cork, it is less expensive than Dublin i.e. 860 – 1400 EUR per month. In smaller cities like Galway, it is less expensive as compared to larger cities. The rent in smaller cities is around 800 – 1100 EUR per month.

  1. Apart from accommodation:

Apart from accommodation, you have to pay additional charges for utilities, internet pass, medical insurance and books and magazines.

Utilities 130 EUR/month
Internet pass 60 EUR/month
Medical insurance 45 EUR/month
Books and magazines 70 EUR/month
Misc. 75 EUR/month


  1. Transportation:

Approximate cost of travel in Ireland is 135 EUR/month. Students can get the discount on traveling if they use the Student Leap Card or the Bus Éireann services to travel around the country. Monthly pass for students can save money up to 50 – 55 EUR per month. The most common mode of transportation is a bicycle.

  1. Food:

Average monthly food cost is 167 EUR/month. The food is not costly in Ireland. You can find cheaper food product in supermarkets. Also, smaller restaurants are cheaper in rate. You can enjoy dining at these restaurants at 15 EUR.

So, these are the main points in living cost in Ireland.