How to Check TOEFL Results Online?

Waiting period between completing the TOEFL Test and waiting for the TOEFL Results can be nerve racking really for many students. This period can be more worrisome, especially if the student is not aware How to Check TOEFL Score and assess their results. So, before complete your examination and leave the test center it is necessary for you to collect all the required details about the test result. This will help you to access the test results when it is published by ETS.

Checking Your TOEFL Results

There are two ways to check your TOEFL Test Results, either you can check it online or you can wait till the arrival of the hard copy of your result. Most of the students usually prefer to check their results online and avoid waiting so long for the arrival of the hard copy.

ETS will send you the hard copy of the scores in your registered email address after 2 weeks of the examination, informing you about the scores. However, the online method allows the students to check their TOEFL Exam Result instantly after few days of the examination.

Procedure to Check TOEFL Result online:

To check the TOEFL Results Online, you have to follow simple steps. You have to visit the official website of the ETS and click the option that allows you to view your online score. Now you have to click the option of viewing the online score and provide your details like name, ID number, test date and test center to view the TOEFL Score Online. It takes around 14 days to get the hard copy of your TOEFL Results. So, most of the students usually prefer to check their ETS TOEFL scores online.

So, it is very easy and simple to access the results online. However, students are recommended to have complete details about their test date, test centers and details of ID that they have used during the examination to access the results online. Without these basic details, the students will be allowed to access their online results. So, before you start accessing your online TOEFL Results you must have all these details and information handy with you.

Understanding the TOEFL Score Band

Students are required to know the TOEFL Band Scores prior to accessing their results online to know how much they have scored in the examination. There are score band ranging from one to nine and depending upon the score band that you have achieved in the exam your skills will be accessed.

If your TOEFL Score for Life Skill Test is low under 7 bands, then it is the time for you to re-appear for the examination and score high grade and band. There are students who wonder what after Less TOEFL Score. They must not get panic, instead prepare hard and reappear for the examination to score high.