How to Get Admission in Columbia Business School

Are you one of the Columbia Business School hopefuls? Are you planning to apply for one of the most difficult business school to get in? Do you want to know the mantra to gain admission in Columbia MBA Programs?  If yes, here are the tips which have helped some of the aspirants to realize their dreams and get admission in Columbia Business School.

Admission in Columbia Business School

  1. Don’t Ignore GMAT Score

Many students believe in the hearsay that GMAT is not an important factor for admissions into a B-School which is not correct. To get admission in Columbia Business School you need to have a very good GMAT score as they give significant weight to the GMAT score and this score can influence your chances of getting admission to the MBA in Columbia Business School. Thus, it is always advisable to work seriously towards GMAT and aim to score 700+ score overall. So, practice hard and focus on your GMAT score. As 700+ GMAT score can really help you to land up in your dream school.

  1. Highlight why CBS is the Right B-School for You

Search about the program’s highlights and the teaching methodology used at the Columbia Business School. You will find that the Columbia Business School not only teach theories but also apply these theories into practice and believes in experiential learning. So, when you are writing your essay, you should mention how this approach will help you to gain your future goals and how it has helped you in the past. You can also give instances from your life where you have applied theories learned during graduation.

This will help the admission committee to know that why you are keen to study at Columbia Business School.

  1. Don’t Over Highlight Your Professional Life

Columbia Business School wants to know about your professional as well as personal life. So, it is advisable to maintain a balance while mentioning about both. In some of the essays where they ask you about the life experience that has shaped you and where they have specified, “The goal of this essay is to get a sense of who you are, rather than what you have achieved professionally” refrain yourself to talk too much about professional life. This essay is to let them know about you as an individual, your family, community and your contribution to your community and country.

  1. Mention about the benefits of Columbia Business School Location in New York

CBS is proud of being one of the premier B-Schools in New York and there are a number of benefits of studying from a B-School located in one of the prime business hubs in the world. You should mention about the Columbia’s curriculum, faculty, and its location. How its location will help you to gain your short-term and long-term goals. Elaborate about your plans to leverage the benefits of studying in New York.

Remember that every B-School is different and you should tailor-made your application strategy for each school.