How To Get Full Scholarships For Study Abroad

Most students give up their dreams of studying abroad mainly due to the costs involved in it. Though they might be good in studies and have some brilliant ideas and visions in store, the inability to fund oneself for higher education abroad shatters all the dreams they had seen in relation to their education.

Full Scholarships

Many students are still unknown to the fact that there are a plethora of Full scholarships available for them along with some great on-campus financial aid packages which can help them fulfil their dreams and study at the university or institute of their choice no matter how far away it is from their homeland.

What is a scholarship?

Being a monetary award, a scholarship proves useful to a student as it helps cover expenses of their study abroad program whether it is credits, travel, course, lodging and books. As scholarships can be very competitive, students are advised to apply from them at least a year before they wish to go abroad for studies.

How to get full scholarship?

Based on merit – A study abroad scholarship which is based on merit is designed especially for those students who have exceptional artistic, academic or athletic abilities, hold any kind of community service record or excel in extracurricular activities. The qualification for which the student is chosen to get the scholarship depends on the scholarship itself as not all scholarships are the same and are based on different types of merit. So in order to get a full scholarship based on merit, you must excel in either your studies, a particular sport or have exceptional artistic qualities.

Student-specific – In order to get such a scholarship, you must fulfil the criteria on which it is based. The scholarship may be based on factors like religion, gender, race, and medical or family history. Some scholarships are unique and are based on factors which are student-specific too. One of the most common scholarships in our country is that of minority scholarships though the qualification which makes you eligible for the same varies from one scholarship to another.

Program-specific – Many abroad destinations have program-specific full scholarships which are offered to students only if they choose that particular program for their studies. After short listing some universities and colleges, try to look for the programs which offer full scholarship and try to opt for them instead of those which do not offer such a scholarship.

Destination-specific – Sometimes choosing the right destination can help you get full scholarships for studying abroad! Though you may have planned to study in a specific country and in a particular institute, being a little flexible in your options can help you secure full scholarship and get a valuable degree from another university! There are several countries which offer scholarships only if you pursue higher studies in that particular country. You can check the government-sponsored travel websites of such countries for more details.

Getting a full scholarship will not only help you save tons of money but also allow you to shape your future and career just as you wanted to without compromising on your education!