How to get Job in Big Data Analytics

Looking for Jobs in Big Data Analytics? Check here top reasons why Big Data Analytics is best career move and how to get Job in Big Data Analytics.

It is no secret that the big data analytics techniques and tools are just what you need to get a competitive advantage over your competitors and secure a job in the big data business this year. With more and more individuals applying for such jobs, one has to know the apt skills to get a job in this ever-growing industry.

Must-have skills to get Job in Big Data Analytics

It is your skills and abilities that will help you excel in this field and ensure that you bag the job instead of any other eligible candidate. Here are some must-have skills which you must master before it becomes commoditized.

  • Apache Hadoop – Even after entering its second decade, Apache Hadoop is one of the most sought-after skills in the Big Data Analytics world. With distributed storage and architecture being targeted by software vendors and test clusters being moved into production, Apache Hadoop is one of the biggest data platforms being used extensively even though it needs care from proficient technicians. If you know the core components such as MapReduce, Oozie, HDFS, Flume, Pig, HBase and Hive of Hadoop really well, you can be rest assured to be in demand and get hired into the Big Data world almost instantly.
  • Apache Spark – Almost as popular as its enormous cousin, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark requires technical expertise to run and be programmed, thereby opening a world of opportunities for those who excel in this skill.
  • NoSQL – Gone are the days of jobs handled by monolithic SQL databases such as IBM DB2 and Oracle. NoSQL databases such as Couchbase are fast taking over it as they are well distributed and scaled-out. Being the source of crunched data in Hadoop, NoSQL is also its destination for changes in application put in place after Hadoop gleans insight on it. Excel in it and you are sure to land a job in the Big Data Analytics world.
  • Quantitative and Statistical Analysis – Forming the crux of big data, experts who have a strong background in fields like statistics combined with quantitative reasoning are already way ahead of their competitors. Moreover, being an expert in statistical tools like SPSS, Stata or SAS works as an icing on the cake making it easier for you to get hired.
  • Data mining and machine learning – Data mining has reached a completely new level in today’s big data world. Another popular field is machine learning as professionals are using its technology to train and build several personalization systems and analytic apps which can get them a high-paying job in the Big Data world.
  • Visualization of data – Being difficult to comprehend, sometimes there is no other way out than actually going through data thoroughly. Though logistic regression analysis on the data can be done, sometimes the data has to be explored in tools like Qlikview to understand its shape and discover hidden details in it. Excelling in data visualization tools automatically portrays you to be a data artist for whom bagging a job in this field is not difficult.

So brush up your skills, acquire those mentioned above and getting a job in Big Data Analytics will no longer be a dream for you!

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