How to Get MBA Scholarships for International Students

How to Get MBA Scholarships for International Students: MBA or Masters in Business Administration is one of the most popular courses in the world, needless to say. This means that the number of students who are seeking scholarships for entering a Business School must also be substantial, globally. A lot of international students seek MBA Scholarships in the Top Universities of United States.

MBA Scholarships for International Students:

To get admitted into a US University with an advantage of MBA Scholarship a student has to be a passionate student. The criteria of admission vary from university to university but basically a good GMAT Score is a necessity. The higher your GMAT Score, the higher are your chances of admission into the desirable University.

One thing is for sure that the students who are passionate about the profession of business administration will, however, make their way through this tedious and lengthy process with MBA Scholarships. Here is a step by step procedure on how you can do that:

Great Academic Score

Your score at the last university you attended is very important when you apply for a foreign university. This is what the foreign universities look first in your portfolio.

So, if they see that you have worked really hard in your last university, they will immediately like you and prefer you. And if no, then the result will be vice-versa.

Equally Great GMAT/ TOEFL/ GRE Score

Along with a good academic score your GRE (Graduate Record Examination), GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is equally important. TOEFL is seen by all universities but some universities choose either GMAT/ GRE for considering the applicants.

And for an MBA Scholarship, GMAT score must be golden numerically.

Skills of the Candidate

Apart from the academic portfolio of the candidate his skills are also considered for scholarships. For instance, leadership skills, social skills are considered very important for an MBA Program.

And if you have been part of social endeavors and volunteering, do not forget to mention the same.

Recognitions/ Awards the Candidate has been awarded

Recognitions and awards give weight to an application for Scholarship of students. They are like the validations that the selection administrators are looking for. So if you have written journals for a website or magazine, do not forget to mention that, since it will be a very impressive part of your portfolio.

And continuing with the point no 4, that if a student has been participating in debates and conferences, he/she must mention the same, since it attracts the attention immediately.

Preparing a Statement of Purpose

For getting admission into an international level university, a student needs to prepare an essay mentioning why he/she wants to join that particular program in that particular university. This is the statement of purpose.

You can mention your goals, aspirations, strengths and also weaknesses. You must introduce yourself honestly in this statement. You must mention your five-year plan, after completing your MBA Program. All the passionate leaders of the world follow a five-year plan, and if you are also passionate for pursuing an MBA Course, prepare a plan and write it down in this statement for an MBA Scholarship.

Also, do not copy your statement. Remembers that the selection committee is much more experienced than you.

Mock Interviews before the Final Call

Often times students fail to present themselves in a positive manner during an interview. This may be due to hesitance or any other factor. In order to deal with that, always prepare yourself by participating in a mock interview before the final interview.

We hope this article helps you in getting you MBA Scholarship Abroad.

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